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“Are You Listening?” Review: Taves’ New Project is a Sonorous Blend of Emotions

In his latest project, Taves continues his journey of consistency while weaving tales of love and youthful exuberance into melodies. By Hope Ibiale On the cover art of Taves’ latest EP, Are You Listening?, he is pictured surrounded by projects from Sade, Asa, and his own music. This imagery conveys a clear message: Taves draws…

The Role of Online Stores in Making In-App Purchases Possible For Nigerian Gamers

While the Nigerian apex bank claims that these policies are intended to help the local currency gain against the US Dollar, not much has been done to cushion the effects of the payment restrictions. By Michael Akuchie In December 2023, I needed to upgrade my character in PlayersUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), a popular survival battle royale…

“Mvera” Review: Linah Sande’s Talent is the Conspicuous Selling Point of Daudi Anguka’s Film

Beyond Linah Sande’s brilliant portrayal of Mvera, the rest of the supporting and antagonist characters deliver a hodgepodge of cinematic performances that lack a consistent standard of craft or technique.  By Frank Njugi In the annals of Kenyan history, one story perennially narrated is that of Giriama legendary activist, Mnyazi wa Menza, also known as…

“A Song from the Dark” Review: Ogo Okpue’s Horror Feature Debut Feels Exactly Like a Debut, and Not a Good One

There may be talk of A Song from the Dark exploring Nigerian mysticism. Yet one can’t help but wonder just how authentic the representation has been. By Victory Hayzard Solum Magnus Williams (Wale Ojo), a migrant politician and beloved philanthropist, ends his life in a gruesome suicide in England. Soon afterward, his dysfunctional family members…

“Blessings” Review: Chukwuebuka Ibeh’s Debut Novel Explores the Epiphany of Self and Conflict of Identity

Blessings is an enjoyable novel with smooth prose and impressive writing for a young writer. Although it tells a familiar story, it attempts to infuse added creativity. By Michael Chiedoziem Chukwudera Stories bear numerous insights into the human condition. One of the most important double-edged utility of a story is how it helps the tellers…



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