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Two poems | Adesiyan Oluwapelumi

Two poems | Adesiyan Oluwapelumi

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aubade with mo(u)rning birds

the earth thumps like a body set to die

the heart of its core palpating like a fawn

fleeing from the fangs of a carnivore


comets rain into the earth’s bowel

hail mixed with ash and burnt wax

the world is a candlelight tapering away


smoke rises from the shaft of a bottomless pit

and out comes locusts with the croak

of a thousand toads mating a lithic prick


the noise of their wings alike the ululation

of a thousand chariots with horses running into war

sing o bach an aubade with gunshot sky


night sky with exit wounds with exit doors

with exit bodies flighting into night

apollyon strums the bowed moon


the first woe has passed behold more

woes to plague the quiet nested in our hearts

the vultures have come to feast


singing of sulphur of fire of smoke of sodom

and of brimstone singing of death and endings


after the famous painting, “Starry Night,” by Vincent Van Gogh

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"It’s enough for us to sit in silence and wonder" by Abigail George on Afrocritik

The night illumines the dark path

and the road’s asphalt gleams with

brittle light. I walk the steps of a thousand

solstice and slowly, I become eventide,

a pool of murky water depressing in bleakness

under the starry night and lustrous mornings.


Eine Kleine Nachtmusik– Mozart plays

in a garden chandeliered by light bugs.

A prism of music and light dispersed

into a spectral of melodic hue. I prattle

the eulogy of night and my soul swoons away.

Adesiyan Oluwapelumi, TPC XI, is an African poet and a naturalist whose works particularly presents a social commentary on the intersectionality between memory, language, identity, religion and selfhood. Adesiyan Oluwapelumi was the winner of the 2022 Cheshire White Ribbon Day Creative Competition and a finalist in the 2022 WeNaija Literary Contest.

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