August 13, 2022


Afrocritik, a melting pot for African expression, is a niche- and fully-serviced media outfit catering to African entertainment, arts, culture, and lifestyle.

Cognizant of our diversity and rich multi-cultural uniqueness, we tell African stories through African lens, inviting the world to the luxury that is Africa.

With African arts, culture and entertainment increasingly gaining ascendancy and notoriety at the global stage, especially with regards to African music, fashion, literary, and film industry, there arises the need for a platform that carefully and professionally informs, educates, and showcases to a global audience the goings-on in the industry.

Afrocritik, being a first of its kind, has chosen to do this by curating rich African content, publishing cultural essays, organising interviews, and engaging in general art criticism.

Poised to becoming the most authoritative voice in the continent’s media and cultural space, we work and collaborate with seasoned writers, top professionals, and industry experts from different parts of Africa to achieve this.

Towards this, we welcome stellar submissions, to be forwarded to, as we jointly project Africa, one word, one story at a time!


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Samson Jikeme | Founder/CEO


Samson Jikeme is an entertainment lawyer, mediapreneur, culture critic, and businessman. He is an alumnus of Loyola Marymount University (Loyola Law School), Los Angeles, California, and Pan-Atlantic University (School of Media and Communications), Lagos, Nigeria. He is passionate and curious about the evolving dynamics of the Entertainment, Arts, and Culture industry in Africa.
He can be reached on Twitter: @sjikeme. Instagram:@sam_culture

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Owanate Max-Harry | Co-Founder


Owanate Max-Harry is a transactions lawyer and serial entrepreneur. As co-founder of Afrocritik, he leads the music and arts sections of the company.
An alumnus of the University of Houston, Owanate, who is also bi-lingual, is an avid reader and music connoisseur.

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Nzube Nlebedim | Editor-in-Chief


Nzube Nlebedim is a Nigerian creative, critic, and editor. He is the founding editor of The Shallow Tales Review, an electronic literary magazine curating African Literature and Black writing.

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Vivian Nneka Nwajiaku | Senior Writer (Film)


Vivian Nneka Nwajiaku is a writer, lawyer and editor. She is a film critic for Afrocritik and occasionally contributes to Sisterly HQ. Her works have also appeared on Kalahari Review and Guardian Life.

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Emmanuel Daraloye | Music


Emmanuel Daraloye is a music critic with over 300 album reviews in his archive. His bylines have appeared in The Cable Newspaper, The Lagos Review, Vanguard Newspaper, Legit News, Rank Magazine, Modern Ghana Web, Nigerian Tribune, and others.

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Sybil Fekurumoh | Culture


Sybil Fekurumoh is a writer, poet and future Nigerian Minister for Agriculture. She’s the Editor for Soft Pallet Newsletter, a newsletter that covers tech, politics and culture. She’s passionate about books, literature, and SDG 4 — Quality Education.

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David Adewusi | Culture & Lifestyle


David Adewusi is a creative content writer, screenwriter, and theatre director. He has served as a Fictions Editor with Praxis Magazine, and also a Writing Fellow with African Liberty.

An alumnus of Spring Literary Mentorship Program, he has appeared on literary and non-literary spaces such as Kalahari Review, Praxis Magazine, Naked Convos, African Writer, Space in Africa, The Nation, The Street Journal, and so on. He is a lifestyle writer at Afrocritik.

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John Augustina | Women


John Augustina is a writer, journalist and a singer. She currently writes about women for Afrocritik.

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Chinonso Ihekire | Music


Chinonso Ihekire is a multimedia creative, with expertise in writing, photography and filmmaking. His works have been featured on several pan-African publications, including Pan-African Music, Wakonte, More Branches, Afrocritik, Guardian Life, among others.

He believes in the power of art to positively influence behaviour, and by extension, society. When he isn’t busy being a music nerd, he enjoys watching movies, organising events, and writing poetry. You can connect with him via social media. Instagram – @chinonsotherevolutionary.

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Nwankwo Blessing | Film, Culture


Nwankwo Blessing, an accountant, beautician and writer, is currently serving in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state.

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Chimezie Chika’s short stories, poems, and essays have appeared in, amongst other places, The Question Marker, The Shallow Tales Review, The Kalahari Review, The Lagos Review, Praxis Magazine, Brittle Paper and Aerodrome. A finalist for Africa Book Club Short Reads Competition (2013), he is a 2021 Fellow of the Ebedi International Writer’s Residency. His interests range from culture to history, art, literature, and the environment.

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Ijeoma Anastasia Ntada | Intern

Ijeoma Anastasia Ntada writes and reads poetry, fiction and non fiction. She has a couple of poems published in the Love Anthology, The Ducor Review, Visual Verse, Praxis Review and other places.

Ijeoma is also a photography enthusiast. She takes beautiful photographs and makes them art.

When Ijeoma isn’t studying to become a Laboratory Scientist, you’ll find her talking about Afro Hair, femininity, and embracing all of her girlhood.

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