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Eye | Ogah Friday David

Eye | Ogah Friday David

Eye | Ogah Friday David | Afrocritik

By Ogah Friday David 

In the dune’s eye is an

immaculate     cascade                           what falls:

a strait of water or the songsmith’s

cello                         does not matter                each

is a zombie tearing through the wayfarer’s ear

The whir and warble are same in motive —

to loot the crier’s voice and pillage the gong

When the   river is sere and the ledge’s ego

grumbles                 who suffers punishment? Or

is it not blasphemy to behold the river die and not

strike the rock to petition the waters?

Gape at

the rod long enough       it becomes wool/ no wonder

the visor swindles the elders                  what is visible

deceives the paddle/                           deceives the liege/ 

The sandal thinks it thuds water and the water thinks

It thuds a sentry/ a beggars’ trade — understand: both,

finding a saviour in another                   this

parade stinks              the rhythm/    measured  but fatal

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my dear, the shriek that sunders my sleep 

snatches the comfort off your breasts. take me

to a place free from the terrors of nightmare.

Ogah Friday David is a Nigerian poet and essayist based in Abuja. He has featured poems in Afrocritik, Aayo Magazine, Nantygreens Mag, The Rising Phoenix Review, EBOquils, IHRAF [International Human Rights Arts Festival] Publishes, The Moveee Mag, and Agapanthus Magazine. When not writing, Friday reads works on African literary criticism, politics, and watches a lot of movies. He can be reached via X and Instagram at @fridayogd.

Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash

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