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1929 | Chinemerem Prince Nwankwo

1929 | Chinemerem Prince Nwankwo

1929| By Chinemerem Prince Nwankwo| Afrocritik

By Chinemerem Prince Nwankwo

For the love of Nwanyeruwa & more


*White grit voices & plumb plunges:

—do not care the brushwood & the instance of flames—

—or the ash at rage— do not come bearing olive hands—


*Native Court & the tong of justice:

—not a shield— do not come in the name 

of your scars. —what ripples in your genes, 

o natives? —sight of whites & cold laws?—


*Warrant Chief Syndrome:

—onye oji, the writ & the wrath—

—the blitz of donning hell—shooting orders,

whiz & zigzag. —little God complex—

upon the pedals of home. —women rubied

in sex-skins. —dices of warrant & errands— 

—do not come with triggers of speech—

—maskery of white, in ambush & in reach—


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Ogu umunwanyi & the riot of voices:

—sit-in or sit-down— burnt to a coal grief—

—not a naked sashay. —in the name of wounds

& women. —the blackness burns to shine—

—do not come a rose water— or a tumbling weed.

—edging in gender— flint & danger at play. 

fury of making whole— fetters & freeness.


Chinemerem Prince Nwankwo, SWAN IV, is currently a final year student of the Department of History and International Studies, University of Uyo, Nigeria. He is the Poetry Editor, The Cloudscent Journal and an Assistant Poetry Editor, Arkore Arts. He tweets @ CP Nwankwo.

Cover Photo: Anita from Pixabay.

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