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Netflix Teases Upcoming Epic Yoruba Film, “Jagun Jagun,” Set to Debut August 10

Netflix Teases Upcoming Epic Yoruba Film, “Jagun Jagun,” Set to Debut August 10

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Jagun Jagun, which translates as “The Warrior,” is a creation of Femi Adebayo Salami, co-directed by Adebayo Tijani and Tope Adebayo Salami.

By Helena Olori

Following  the acquisition of Femi Adebayo‘s film, Jagun Jagun, Netflix has teased the coming of a new Yoruba epic film, a Netflix Original set to debut on the streaming service this August.

The teaser video showcases a captivating cinematography depicting ancient Yoruba culture, myths, and epic battles, giving viewers a glimpse into the action-packed film.

The announcement has since sparked excitement on social media platforms, with many Nollywood enthusiasts alluding to Femi Adebayo’s artistry in this genre and the success of his previous Yoruba films.

“The dream was to surpass Agesinkole in every ramification,” said Femi Adebayo, as he shares the exciting news on his Instagram page. “It almost seemed impossible because people kept asking ‘What else could be bigger than Agesinkole?’ Well, it happened. We beat our record! We made a didactic story about life, power, people, change, chance and purpose.”

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Jagun Jagun, which translates as “The Warrior,” is a creation of the trio makers of the blockbuster, King of Thieves. Written and produced by Femi Adebayo Salami, and co-directed by Adebayo Tijani and Tope Adebayo Salami, the film tells the story about the two important days of the human life, the day one is born and the day one finds out why they were born.

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According to Netflix, the plot centres on “a bloodthirsty warlord who feels threatened by a determined young warrior who seeks only power and the love of a strong woman.” Jagun Jagun pays tribute to the history of the Yoruba people, much like the fierce kingdom of Sparta.

Confirmed cast for the film includes screen favourites from both Yoruba and English Nollywood led by Adedimeji Lateef, Bimbo Ademoye, Fathia Balogun, Debo Adebayo (Mr Macaroni), Bukunmi Oluwasina, and Femi Adebayo, as well as guest appearances from Woli Agba and co-director, Tope Adebayo.

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The film, which builds on the achievements of King of Thieves, is hinted to be a big budget production helmed by Femi Adebayo’s Euphoria360 Media production company. Its acquisition by Netflix highlights the remarkable growth of Yoruba Nollywood and the increasing demand for high-quality indigenous films by global audience, underscored by the acclaim garnered by the Kunle Afolayan’s Anikulapo.

Jagun Jagun will premiere exclusively on Netflix on August 10, 2023.

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