December 8, 2023

The fact that listening to the song creates imageries and releases pleasant pent-up emotions sets it apart as the effective love record that sets the right mood.

By Adedimeji Quayyim Abdul-Hafeez

Fave’s hit song, “Baby Riddim,” a single off the Riddim 5 EP, is a record that delivers depths in right proportions. From the times of Instagram freestyles, to features on Olamide’s UY Skuti album, and to soulful singles, the EmPawa-signed artiste had shown that she could deliver love-inspired verses without losing grip and essence. Her “Baby Riddim” record is a testament of Fave’s ability to maintain depth and vulnerability, while expressing soulful messages. 

Fave’s sonorous, coherent, rhythm as well as her arranged verses makes her tunes gripping and desirous to listen to. The fact that her records are instant hits and chart-topping are attestations to her ability to hook the listening audience to her dream world. Fave provides sounds that stay and linger, and she is building a forte for extensive female representation in Afrobeats.

Whiffs of creativity are sensed right from the single’s first lines: “Steady your face jor for me/ I wanna take a picture/ So this could last longer for me,” creating an imagery for preservation, and the symbolism of romantic love. The dynamic jumps in the next verses where she explores the essence of maintaining energies and imbuing vulnerability in relationships, thereby hitting hard while retaining relevance.

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The fact that listening to the song creates imageries and releases pleasant pent-up emotions sets it apart as the effective love record that sets the right mood. The chorus is delivered in a terrific way, creating an orgasmic realisation that leads to the core of the record. It denotes the feature of weakness attributed to the partner in love, punctuating on vulnerability, again, keying into the heart of the song. 

Also, subsequent lines “My baby bad/ My baby good/My baby all the things I need” depicts completeness, reflecting proportionality of both desirable and unlikeable qualities, which both endears Fave to her painted lover. The artiste also infuses cliche representation, requesting her lover to speak up as she does, by “bussing up.” Through this, Fave drags us all into her dream world.

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The single also examines the feeling of romantic partners and assurances to stand with a partner in rosy and stormy periods — attributes that characterise love relationships. It delivers tunes that set hearts in rhythmic balance and connection, punctuating the need for partners to be each other’s sources of strength.

One essential message “Baby Riddim” passes is the necessity of lovers to communicate the extent of their love for each other, to sustain existing relationships. Partners need to realise that communication of emotions is key in relationships, and this is exactly what Fave intends with “Baby Riddim.” Fave celebrates love, glorifying passionate vulnerability in excellent rhythm, solidifying her position as the effective love gospel activist.


Adedimeji Quayyim Abdul-Hafeez is a mad creative on the loose, journalist and law enthusiast. He receives mails on and directs the Ministry of Flex, Vibes and Creativity on Twitter via @quayyimbakr.

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