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“In Poetry I Found My Voice, and in Poetry I Keep It Loud”: Dorphanage, Kenyan Spoken Word Artist, In Conversation

“There are conversations we must learn to have and issues we must address as a people, despite the discomfort that comes with such. Mine is simply an attempt to throw a spanner in the works and hopefully provoke conversations around dysfunctionality and its implications in our lives as individuals within families and elsewhere.”_ Dorphanage By…

“The Winning Ticket” Review: In Kganki Star Mphahlele’s Film, Familial Bond is the Winning Formula

But the film’s divergence, which can be argued is no less unique,  is the family conflict wrapped around the titular winning ticket.  By Seyi Lasisi  In my recent review of Lufuno Nekhabambe’s directorial feature film, Musangwe, I mentioned how Showmax dedicates concerted efforts towards spotlighting African quotidian realities. The streaming platform does this by ensuring…

In Conversation: Obi Maduegbuna on Voice Acting, “Iwájú”, and Future Plans in Filmmaking

“As an actor, I approach any project the same way. I know what my character is and I give my own interpretation.”_Obi Maduegbuna.  By Fancy Goodman  British-Nigerian actor, Obi Maduegbuna, has always dreamt of telling stories since he was a young child. This dream landed him the voice roles of Lackeys, Pilot, and Newscaster in…

Can AI Be Better Journalists Than Humans in the Future?

AI’s role in journalism has split the world in two, with one side, speculating that the technology could replace humans while the other side strongly believes that it is destined to be a helpful tool.  By Michael Akuchie The start of journalism can be traced to Rome circa 59 B.C., where news was documented and…

“Mtindo” Review: Boutross Delivers A Collaborations Galore in His New Album

Through collaboration, Boutross might just have saved the project from the monotony his subject matter threatened to establish, although this ultimately hinders the profound connection his fans crave to establish with his music, and with him as an artiste as well. By Frank Njugi One of the foremost characteristics of the music industry is change.…



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