By Oladosu Michael Emerald

“If you control the resonance frequency of an object, you control the object itself” – Nikola Tesla

I am an object, my mind is controlled
by waves & frequency, but not by me!

I swear! I do not like to be legislated
by my inner monster – like a magnet,

It draws me like an insect into a flame,
I obey like a zombie without question.

I am a cartographer. I make maps
on my thighs with a knife that leads to many paths.

Every scar a route to hell – the devil may present
a pleasant visage. The better to seduce

& influence the weak-minded.
I will burn like those who spawned me. I am burning already.

I have seen death.
it wears a black shroud & it is null.

Death cannot damage itself
because it still has one foot in hell.

I did not abandon my faith.
I put it in truth. & here’s what the truth tells me:

“if you want a stairway to heaven
do not call a priest. Call the carpenter.”

Can I wrench back control?


Oladosu Michael Emerald is a poet, an author, a digital/visual/musical artist, a boxer, and a photographer.
He has his works in Feral mag, Necro Mag, The Hearth mag, Third Estate Art, Bombfire and elsewhere. 
He loves reggae and rap. He’s an aspiring politician. He also fantasises about reincarnating as an angel. He tweets @GemmyEmerald and @emerald_arts1 on Instagram. Blessings always.

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