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10 Perfect Songs For An Evening With Your Partner

10 Perfect Songs For An Evening With Your Partner

Evening With Your Partner - Afrocritik

…looking to enjoy a relaxing evening with your partner, play games, or a romantic dinner together, finding the right song can be the final ingredient to making this moment perfect.

By David Adewusi

Whether you are looking to enjoy a relaxing evening with your partner, play games, or a romantic dinner together, finding the right song can be the final ingredient to making this moment perfect. To make that evening exactly what you envisioned in your head, here are 10 new, perfect tunes that are just right for an evening with your special one.

“Something Sweet” — Buju

What makes Buju different? Is it his soft, confident vocals? His ability to effortlessly bounce on soft afro beats? His mastery of creating catchy tunes? A combination of all? Point is, Buju has made himself into a formidable figure in the industry, dropping hits after hits. Interestingly — as the music community expected — his first EP, “Sorry I’m Late,” is packed with brilliantly-written songs. However, “Something Sweet” takes a spot of its own at the top for me; Buju’s dreamy vocals over a soft-paced afro instrumental, featuring a gentle guitar in the background, makes it a perfect lullaby for a romantic evening.

One of the lines says: “Put a claim on me, when I fit to know that I got somebody.”

What’s more beautiful than letting your partner know that you completely belong to them?

“Love Essential” — Ladipoe & Amaarae

It’s beautiful how alte music has emerged and grown in Africa, with artists like Amaarae, Santi, and others leading the international front. It’s even more interesting to note that Nigeria has accepted the genre with open arms, and genres are continually thinned out, and pushed to the extreme. In this soulful ballad, Amaarae laments a lover’s cause over a dark, ambient instrumental. Ladipoe chips in with his profound bars about identity in love, allowing the beat drop right in the middle of his rhymes. This one is a perfect fit for a dark, slow, and sensual evening.

“Before I Let Go” — Johnny Drille

What’s a romantic playlist without a specialist like Johnny Drille? With romantic hits like “Romeo & Juliet,” “Halleluya,” Drille’s latest album, “Before We Fall Asleep” is a reminder of his ability to create emotional masterpieces. “Before I Let Go” tells a sad story: one of lovers who no longer recognise themselves as lovers, the story of love gone sour. While this is definitely not you and your partner tonight, it could be a soft reminder that you should fight for your love when the need arises.

“Love And Trials” — The Cavemen.

You know what never stops being beautiful? Dancing with your partner in a dimly-lit space. If soft, chill highlife is your thing, then this simple love song is just right for you. You can learn the lyrics by listening more than once; it’s just this pure, unadulterated love song.

The song starts: “I want you to know that I love you so,
“Don’t go far away…”

Oh. How beautiful.

“Beautifully” — Fave

Fave is everywhere, all thanks to TikTok. Despite an uncanny vocal semblance to Tems, Fave has created a fanbase for herself, paving her way to become Nigeria’s next big songstress. Her hit song, “Baby Riddim,” which has its own trend on TikTok is enjoying massive airplay, leading us to discover other gems like “Beautifully,” a sentient love song about love so beautiful andharmless. It is even made more beautiful by Fave’s voice which resonates in your head and lingers in your ears till the next line; an absolutely perfect fit for a perfect evening.

“Love Don’t Cost a Dime” — Magixx

Magixx is not the biggest name in the industry yet, but his talent is undeniable. Currently signed to Mavins Record, “Love Don’t Cost a Dime” Magixx’s “Love Don’t Cost a Dime” is a romantic anthem mixed with Nigerian pidgin. A particular line tells of how the “girl” in question gives the singer butterflies, which just reinforces how beautiful the song is. Also great for dancing and singalong, Magixx hits the spot with this one.

“Sweet As Temptation” — Ogranya

Another emerging voice from the Nigerian music scene, Ogranya, is an independent artiste who has appeared in a number of Nollywood movies. A self-acclaimed Jazz and R&B bard, “Sweet As Temptation” features Ogranya enjoying himself on a chill afro-beat. Ogranya urges his listeners to party on this song, but that only makes the entire experience more sensual. A worthy addition, “Sweet As Temptation” will surely get you and your partner cozy as soon as it comes on.

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“Let Me Love You” — Whoisakin

Who is actually Akin? Whoisakin is based in Lagos, Nigeria, and currently unsigned to any major label. However, his sound is that perfect soundtrack for an evening drive, late night drinking, or early morning working. “Let Me Love You” is the 22-year-old’s attempt to praise a lady he is in love with, and it is just as corny as it comes. Despite its fast-paced instrumental, it is a perfect song for a cool evening with your lover.

“Somebody’s Son” — Tiwa Savage

What’s a romantic evening without a bit of playfulness? Tiwa Savage’s “Somebody Son” is just the right addition.

“Found”  Tems & Brent Faiyaz

Tems’ new EP sees the star exploring new sounds despite the familiar motif of love, conflicting emotions, and the search for peace. One of the moodiest songs on the album is “Found,” featuring Brent Faiyaz. The work feels like a duet between two best friends who reunite after a long time apart. Its moodiness and gently-strummed guitars makes the song a perfect choice for a romantic evening.

Here is a link to the playlist, and a start to enjoying a seamless, perfect romantic evening.


David Adewusi has appeared on Kalahari Review, Praxis Magazine, African Writer, and Naked Convos. Currently living in Ibadan and being forced to study in a Nigerian institution, his biggest dream is to be left alone.

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