September 23, 2023

By Olugbade Majeed Abiola

The green grass squad circumjacent in white
hosting its habitual hoo-ha
this time it’s a fete

goods and commodities are the terpsichoreans
flaunting in hyper-inflation garment
for their not-unusual flamboyant fest.

Audience staring afar in awe
paralysed by their pauperism prowess and
of the whole process.
…the dance has started the whole time, service has joined his hobnobbers
somersaulting, helicopting and scooting
their pricy skills

Up, Up, Up, they somersault and scoot
like Tesla’s space rocket, accelerating to the Mars.
And Down! Our dancers never return
like Miss Mary Mark.

Spectators are enraged, disappointed and dejected, for they enjoy the show down not up
‘Price of Goods, Commodities and Services should be at watch!’ lamented they.
But they could only stare now
What could they have done?

Smiling under the grass, are snakes in green
The ones that stung the dancers
causing their dance-like brawling and outpace
rarely noticed by anyone.


Olugbade Majeed Abiola, well-known as Majeed Lèv, is a student of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.


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Afrocritik Spotlight

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