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After The Giant Greenlights, Nothing Here Is Worthy Of Symphony? | Psalmuel Benjamin

After The Giant Greenlights, Nothing Here Is Worthy Of Symphony? | Psalmuel Benjamin

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In this part of the global egg, a boy is a yolk–

yoked like an ass before a hill of emotion– exalting

Itself like Herod in a room within his chest and

Loitering, like a let-out, within the passage ties of

His psyche and soul.

But ladies are medical madness mongers!

He used to be a gardener in his own farm– tilling

Truth and tranquillity like Adam, heaping into his

Bosom, ridges of solo sensitivity– percolating like

His playful skin under the flirting sun of Saturdays

The chaste Adam.

But ladies are medical madness mongers!

Lo! A playful flower keeps blowing solid affection

and stews of sweet scent of winks and wiggles

Around his head. Planting a tree of fire fruits in his

Vulnerable pot. Wrapping his entity into a troop of

Faithful Bartholomews.

But ladies are medical madness mongers!

Now, the boy is a mirror– ricocheting the input in

His head. He is only a show-glass– advertising to

The flower how sweet the taste of the moon is

when her hand plucks it. How chilly fire is when it

Kindles upon love.

But ladies are medical madness mongers!

Hear the lines of Angelina “NO! I am not ready for

A relationship” at times, “It’s not that you are bad

But I just cannot” these lines are supernatural.

They can make Goliath fall again without a stone.

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Just a word– why?

So, ladies are medical madness mongers!

Why?… Why?… Why smell a food you won’t eat

If you say you are not a dog? Why rend a heart

You cannot redeem from shreds? Why kick a pail

Of water behind his eyes when you know you

Are not a rag?

Ladies are medical madness mongers!

This poet has been Jeremiahed, and this poem is a

Lamentation cooked in a pot of requiem, salted

with a threnody of a single-noted dirge. Nothing

Here, is worthy of symphony.


Psalmuel Benjamin Oluwasheun wcfr. (Word Commander Of The Federal Republic) is a young Christian sentimental scribe of 22 years from Nigeria. He has written and published a whole lot of poems and other writings. CC, Arts Lounge, Agape Review, and others are places you can find his works. Aside from writing, He draws, paints, teaches, edits videos, and designs graphics. He is the Vice President of the Godly Steps Family. He also made it to the 5th Stage of POF4 (Pen On Fire2021) He’s the author of a forthcoming novel “It’s Just A Day” If he’s not writing, he’s eating beans with a member of the G.A.N.G. Say hi to him on Facebook: Benjamin-psalmuel Oluwasheun. Instagram: Psalmuel_benjamin. Twitter: Psalmuelbenjam1.

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