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Nigerian Filmmaker, Temitope Adebiyi’s Movie, “Hate from the Altars,” To Premiere in the U.S.

Nigerian Filmmaker, Temitope Adebiyi’s Movie, “Hate from the Altars,” To Premiere in the U.S.

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Hate from the Altar is a Faith-based story that draws inspiration from the Church.

By Helena Olori

Nigerian filmmaker, Temitope Adebiyi, will grace the big screens in U.S. with his new movie titled Hate from the Altar, a faith-based story inspired by the complex interpersonal relationships of Church members.

Shot in a span of seven weeks and set in Maryland, United States, Hate from the Altar chronicles the emergence of Jael as the new choir leader, whose rise is met with fierce opposition sparked by rumours of an affair with her boss. As pressure mounts to have her removed from the position, a deeper secret in the church is uncovered.

“The Church, which is supposed to be a house of love, has been turned into a place where hatred and jealousy are the new standards of the time,” Temitope Adebiyi said in an exclusive with Premium Times. “… I realised that the missing link is the lack of love in the Church…I feel like there’s a need for me as a filmmaker to talk about this,” he explained.

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The film is written and directed by Temitope Adebiyi, and boasts of a fine blend of both Nigerian and American actors including Kike Ayodeji, Patrick Opitz Paul Tolbeet, Lekan Adeiga, Ayodeji Adekoya, Kazeem Omotolani, Simeon Dan, and Olalani Akinyode.

The Maryland-based cinematographer and director has established a distinct presence with his unconventional narratives, with works like Stained Glass, The Vessel, Second Chance, and several more.

The premiere of his most recent piece, Hate from the Altar, is scheduled for March 24th, 2023 at the Faith Dome in Maryland.

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