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Romi Studios Debuts Nigeria’s First NFT-Funded Film, “Small Town Burnouts”

Romi Studios Debuts Nigeria’s First NFT-Funded Film, “Small Town Burnouts”

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Small Town Burnouts is being crowd-funded on Web3 through NFTs, and is set to hit cinemas in December.

By Helena Olori

Romi Studios is set to launch its Web3-based film, Small Town Burnouts, a movie that explores the lives and breakthrough moments of two young artistes, Karah and Blacksheep, who make up an emerging music band based in Ibadan, Nigeria.

As stated on its website, “Small Town Burnouts is a film project poised to be one of the first ever feature length film to be fully funded on web3. It tells the tale of a music band of the same name, made up of two musicians trying to find themselves through their art as they seek to navigate and thrive in the Nigerian music industry as it is.”

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Promise Nwalozie, the film’s Executive producer and director, is taking an independent approach in its production, and is being crowd-funded through the use of NFTs on Web3 platforms, making it the first NFT-funded film in Nigeria.

NFT holders will receive the NFT in November and will be given an early private screening with the cast and crew of the film. Romi Studios is also building a virtual screening room for all its titles, and NFTs from this mint will grant its holders access to this room.

Pre-production for the film will begin in March with AMVCA nominee cinematographer, Barnabas Emordi, as the Director of Photography. The film will not only be a movie, but a complete creative package, which includes an album release and live concerts, all set for December 2023 with premiere events set to hold in Ibadan and Lagos.

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