September 26, 2023

With “Alone”, Kemuel preps music lovers for his highly anticipated sophomore EP.

By Hope Ibiale

Rising Nigerian artiste and producer, Kemuel, has released a new single, “Alone”. The self-produced track is a love song with infectious melodies. 

After making his debut in 2022 with Escape EP, Kemuel has been spotlighted by BBC 1Xtra, MTV Base, The NATIVE, and TRACE. He was also featured on DJ Spinall’s “Bunda.” 

Kemuel - Afrocritik

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While Speaking about “Alone” and its creation with Afrocritik, Kemuel said, “It was a Thursday when ‘Alone’ took shape, I remember because it felt like the weekend, but it wasn’t. Having crafted the beat earlier that day, I kept listening to it until the lyrics came pouring out. I’ll be honest with you about the inspiration – before (the) music started happening for me, there was a girl in my life, but relocating to Lagos to pursue music was detrimental to our relationship. I realise now that I was somewhat blind to the strain that caused. We had gone through countless fights because of the distance between us, so this song is all the things I would’ve said to her to provide some level of assurance, but I never did, and in the end, we broke up.” 

With “Alone”, Kemuel preps music lovers for his highly anticipated sophomore EP.

Listen to “Alone” here

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Afrocritik Spotlight

Afrocritik Spotlight

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