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Aniela Makes A Brazen Debut With “Magic”

Aniela Makes A Brazen Debut With “Magic”

Aniela |Magic | New single| Afrobeats

“Magic” is an impressionable debut record that showcases Aniela as an act to watch out for and indicates an exciting career ahead.

By Emmanuel Okoro

Every year, Nigeria’s vibrant music scene mints fresh voices, leaving audiences with the unique task of finding and connecting with an artiste that speaks to them. For an act like the multi-talented Aniela, it is immediately obvious that she plans to leave a solid impression with her official debut single, “Magic” a fusion of R&B and Afrobeats. 

Aniela has always been fascinated with music, even from a tender age. When she turned eight, her passion for music blossomed and morphed from an active listener to building interest in making melodies with musical instruments. Driven by her passion, she invested in learning and mastering the piano, guitar, saxophone, and ukulele. Armed with this incredible knowledge built on sheer love and dedication to the craft, she has stepped into the spotlight with a debut effort that introduces audiences to her immense talent and potential. 

Aniela |Magic | New single| Afrobeats
“Magic” cover

Produced by Kingeorge, “Magic” opens with soft acoustic guitar tones, which usher in padded mid-tempo drums that carry on throughout the song. Aniela comes to terms with her feelings for a love interest. She coasts gently over the music, crooning “Magic, you made me fall for you, it’s a mad thing/ Just friends, but when I call on you it’s a bad thing/ Who am I deceiving? Look at me, I’m falling, falling, falling.” This line is not only a powerful admittance of her emotions but somewhat carries an undertone of worry. Falling in love sometimes comes with angst, as one comes to the realisation that they’re now vulnerable to that special person in their lives. 

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Vulnerability, more often than not, is viewed as weakness, as it is mostly seen as an act of relinquishing control in the hope that it isn’t abused further down the line. Then again, vulnerability could also be a sign of strength, allowing one to work through their emotions more easily, develop empathy, and make space for one to be authentic. It is this emotional tussle that sets up the lyrical framework of “Magic”. 

One of the song’s strong points, of course, is her measured melodies which glide seamlessly with the production and highlight her talent as a vocalist. “Magic” is an impressionable debut record that showcases Aniela as an act to watch out for and indicates an exciting career ahead.

Stream “Magic” here

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