September 26, 2023

The film, inspired by Nelson’s short story, Pray, will be released later this year.

By Hope Ibiale

British-Ghanaian writer and photographer, Caleb Azumah Nelson, is set to make his directorial debut in the soon-to-be-released short film, Pray. The film, inspired by Nelson’s short story, Pray, will be released later this year.

Pray is a portrait of brotherhood that looks at what we will do for the people we love, how we find joy amid overwhelming despair, and how a community can lift us. The book, which Nelson describes “as an opportunity to explore what grief can look like, both individual and collective,” explores grief, family and racism. Following the book’s synopsis, the short film will document how two brothers navigate life after the death of their parents.

While sharing the news on his Instagram page, he said, “Pray, my writing and directorial debut coming soon from B-Side productions. Special thanks to Matimba Kabalika and the team.” Although this is Nelson’s directorial debut, this is the second time he is working as a screenwriter as he is set to work as a screenwriter on the soon-to-be-released movie adaptation of his sophomore novel, Small Worlds.

Caleb Nelson
Caleb Azumah Nelson


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With B-Side productions at the helm of production, BBC Films and Warner music entertainment have collaborated with Nelson to deliver a top-notch film. The short film will feature actors like David Jonsson, Lamar Waves, Tara Tijani, Mensah Bediako, Malcolm Atrobrah, Emmanuel Akinbami, Caleb Botoka, Trizzy, and Ecow Smith-Asante.

Caleb Azumah Nelson is a British-Ghanaian writer and photographer living in south-east London. His writing has been published in Litro, Granta, The White Review and many others. He has won awards like the Costa Book Award, the People’s Choice Prize, and the Palm Photo People’s Choice Prize. Nelson has also been nominated for the Palm Photo Prize, the Desmond Elliott Prize, and the BBC National Short Story Prize. His other literary works include Open Water, A Little Unsteadily Into Light, and the soon-to-be-released Small Worlds.

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