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Afrocritik Weekly Music Spotlight: Week 17

Afrocritik Weekly Music Spotlight: Week 17

Afrocritik Weekly Music Spotlight 2024: Week 8

The seventeenth edition of the Afrocritik Weekly Music Spotlight

By Yinoluwa Olowofoyeku

Welcome again! Dear readers and fellow listeners. I know a number of you missed me last week. Sadly, the powers that be struck me down with illness! The flu and malaria to be exact, and yes, at the same time. Whew! It was tough, but I returned with an even more voracious appetite for good African music, and thankfully, my appetite was very satisfied. We were blessed with a number of decent albums and a bevy of good singles over the course of the week. This has given us a large pool to draw this week’s sustenance from. It has led to another record-breaking playlist, as I bring you the longest music spotlight thus far.

Afrocritik Music Spotlight Week 17
Afrocritik Music Spotlight: Week 17

However, before we get into this week’s haul, I encourage you to follow us on social media @afrocritik, to stay informed about our playlists, editorial lists, as well as other exemplary content on our website and the Internet. For our regulars, as you know, we have a monthly editorial playlist that aggregates the best weekly finds over four weeks. A few weeks ago, we dropped another edition of that, showcasing the standout gems from Weeks 12-15. Be sure to look out for that on our platforms. 

Also, don’t miss out on the opportunity to get your own music featured on the playlists. Send an email to for further details on how to get your work considered.

With that information out of the way, let’s dive right into our lengthy haul for the week. Without further ado, and with great pleasure, I present to you the seventeenth edition of the Afrocritik Weekly Music Spotlight. This week’s list boasts:

A Few Big Names: Burna Boy kicks the playlist off again, but this time, it is with his new bubbly single “Big 7,” which just continues to ramp up our anticipation of his forthcoming I Told Them album. Nasty C sits right behind Burna with the rap single “Crazy Crazy.” Kizz Daniel’s hitmaking prowess is demonstrated by “Flex,” “My G,” “Pour,” and “E’better,” from his new Maverick album. Adekunle Gold’s Tequila Ever After is a beautiful collection of songs, represented on our playlist by “To My Own,” “Come Back To Me,” “Tio Baby,” and “Make It Easy.”  

(Read also: Adekunle Gold’s “Tequila Ever After” is a Toast to His Artistic Evolution)

Soft & Sweet Songs: This week, we have a healthy selection of smooth moody cuts, from emotive Afropop bangers to melancholic alternative ballads. We are covered by the likes of NATAB’s Reggae-inclined “Soul Rebel,” April Maey’s dismissive “Like I Care,” “Ready,” “More” and others, off the Sarz Academy’s solid Memories That Last Forever 2 compilation album. There’s also “Technicolor Bliss” from Canada-based Nigerian singer, Nezsa, and the silky “Call You Later” from the relative newcomer, Angelthekid. 

Budding Talents: This week’s list is riddled with prominent industry names. However, there is also a decent contingent of newer names showing a bucketload of talent in their work, such as the varied cast of the Sarz Academy’s project. For the listeners who enjoy digging deep and being bullish on up-starters, you can dive in on the likes of Ghana’s Amerado who gives us “Yonah” and an EP, Mulla Rae who features Lyta on “Mapariwo.” Lagos-based multihyphenate producer Soü gives us “Go” and a psychedelic EP, Vasa gives us a bop with “Teriza,” and Basiil impresses massively with his I Know I Am EP, represented here by “Come Alive,” “Bad Gyal,” and “Jo.”

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Our Weekly Dose of Amapiano: Every week, I bring a selection of electronic styles sweeping the continent. This week they come in the form of Tyla’s signature R&B-fused Amapiano slant on “Water,” Master Maison’s unique lowkey “Chosen,” a genre-bending remix of Azekel’s “Chocolati,” “Afro High Riddim” from Siribeatz’s instrumental, Sirious Riddims Vol.1 EP. Lebza TheVillain’s Netha EP gives us “Kuzeka” and “Khethiwe”…

… and so much more! These are just a handful of samples from the diverse selection waiting for you to peruse on the playlists you should see to the right of this page. If you have trouble with the playlists, feel free to find our profiles @Afrocritik on your music streaming service of choice, the playlists should show up there. I recommend you check out the highlighted albums to find your own gems too. Feel free to listen in the curated order or shuffle the playlist if you are feeling adventurous. Either way, be sure to give the songs time to work their magic on you. 

Don’t forget to add and follow the playlists, and save your favourite songs as updates will be frequent. Share the playlists with the people you care about, and get the information necessary to submit your own songs (or those of your people) by reaching out to



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