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Afrocritik Weekly Music Spotlight 2024: Week 3

Afrocritik Weekly Music Spotlight 2024: Week 3

Afrocritik Weekly Music Spotlight: Week 5

Afrocritik Weekly Music Spotlight

By Yinoluwa Olowofoyeku

Hello, dear music enthusiasts!

I trust this message finds you basking in the harmonies of the new year. As we step into February, it’s only fair to ask: how are those New Year’s resolutions holding up? Hopefully, you’re still riding the wave of determination and success! If not, no worries – there’s always room for fresh beginnings, especially in the realm of music.

Throughout the year, we’ll be your companions in discovering musical treasures from around Africa and her diaspora. Whether you’re seeking solace in soulful tunes or vibing to catchy Hip-Hop beats, the Afrocritik Weekly Music Spotlight is here to guide you through a consistent supply of gems that might have slipped under your radar.

But before we plunge into this week’s musical wonders, get ready for a treat! Our first monthly spotlight featuring the best songs from January is on its way. Follow all our socials @Afrocritik to stay informed about this musical journey. And don’t forget, if you’re an aspiring musician with a track that deserves the spotlight, send us an email at for all the details.

Afrocritik Music Spotlight
Afrocritik Music Spotlight 2024: Week 3

With all that housekeeping done, let’s dig into this week’s musical gems. Spotlighted today, we have:

Soulful Emotional Songs: The singers bring forth a tapestry of emotions – love, pain, and heartache expressed through enchanting melodies. Darlington Mide tugs at heartstrings with “Love Up“, while Shae Jacobs gets sultry on the mesmerising “Slow“. Cznbaby delicately requests “One Night” and $hyli delves into the complexities of “Toxic Love“. Bridget Blue’s “Crocodile Tears” expresses exasperation, Nikita Kering’s pain shines through in “Let You Down,” and Nunu Eluma gifts us a delightful two-pack with “Sweet Release” and “Falling“.

Some Catchy Hip-Hop: The rappers also came to play in this project. Priddy Ugly’s DUST album continues to set the tone with tracks like the reflective “Soul Food”, the strategic “No Plans”, and the thought-provoking “Piece 4 Peace”. DJ Adwoa assembles some help to bang out the Drill track “Zorro“, Dan Dizzy gathers his posse to create the energetic “Oppress”, and S7VNT WONDA introduces himself with the catchy intro “On Rose“. Beejvibe$ showcases his versatility on “Runaway” and “Gratitude” from his Gratitude Vol. 1 project.

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These highlighted tunes are just a glimpse of the musical wonders waiting for you on the playlist. There’s more to discover on the albums and from the artistes mentioned, so go check them out. And if you’re an aspiring artiste with music worth spotlighting, don’t forget to reach out to us at for all the details.

So, immerse yourself in the magic of these sounds, submit your music if you have a gem to share, and enjoy the musical journey until next week. May your days be filled with beautiful melodies!

Yours in music,

Yinoluwa “Yinoluu” Olowofoyeku is a multi-disciplinary artist and creative who finds expression in various media. His music can be found across all platforms and he welcomes interaction on his social media @Yinoluu.

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