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If You Wear Any Of These On Your First Date, You Will Never See Her Again

If You Wear Any Of These On Your First Date, You Will Never See Her Again


By David Adewusi

First dates can be tricky. Depending on how much you have looked forward to that particular date, it could give you sleepless nights, constant anxiety and sweaty palms, and if you are like me, you would have countless rehearsals before the big day.

Right after this is the next big problem: what should I wear? Bear in mind that it’s an interview of sorts; your date is going to judge you based on your appearance before anything else. So, it is imperative that you look, smell, and walk your best.


While I can’t spell out what exactly you should wear, I can certainly list 5 things you should NOT wear on your first date.

If you want to see that lady again, avoid these things like you would a sneezing man in a public bus:

  1. Avoid Slogan T-Shirts

t-shirt date

I know you have the most hilarious t-shirts, but your first date is not the time to show them off. In fact, avoid T-shirts with corny slogans; while it might seem extreme, you don’t want your date making conclusions about you based on your decision to try out a shirt with the inscription Ama Kip Kip or My money grows like grass. Instead, wear a shirt with a soft colour such as white, grey, or sky blue.

  1. Don’t wear your work suit:

suit date

No, really, don’t.

I know that I compared your first date to an interview, but this doesn’t mean you should dress like it is one. If you really want to wear a suit, then please ditch that tie that chokes you like it’s a hangman’s noose. You should also stick to a black suit if you must wear one, with a shirt whose colour is not so “loud”. The goal is to make your date feel as comfortable as possible, and a tie or brightly coloured shirt could whip up the opposite effect.

  1. Avoid Heavy Use Of Perfume

perfume date

Perfumes are great, and if properly used – especially if you wear a brand that your date likes – can be the decider in your date. But just like everything else, it can be overused. Instead, use your perfume at strategic points on your body, and let the fragrance do the rest. Your pulse points are the vantage positions; focus on the inside of your wrists, the back of your ear lobes, and behind your knees. Please, don’t go dousing your shirts in cologne; some experts even suggest that you shouldn’t put perfume on your clothes, but if you must, keep in mind that less is more.

  1. Avoid Shorts Or Extremely Loose Trousers:

shorts date

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This is not Netflix and Chill. When it comes to dates, wearing shorts is taboo. They are more for hanging with friends, physical activities, or fourth date (after you and your crush have got to know each other better). While shorts can be styled to look really good for a date, it is best to play safe and avoid them altogether.

Also, joggers are a total no-no. Go for jeans, chinos, or well-fitted trousers.

  1. Avoid Clothes With Stains Or Holes

shirt hole date

 This should be a no-brainer, but it is still necessary to remind the Kings. No stain or hole is too small to notice; if you can see it, then there is a chance that she will see it, too. Rather than take the risk, avoid wearing the outfit altogether. It doesn’t matter if this is your favorite shirt. If it’s going to make you look sloppy, let it stay at home.

 It is also important to avoid too much jewelry; you don’t want to be looking like 2Chainz or Lil Uzi Vert on your first date. At the end of the day, the most important thing is to feel comfortable and confident.

I hope these tips help the date prep less stressful, and that they also help you feel better about yourself. With the right outfit and the right attitude, that woman should feel inclined to call you again, and who knows, a few months down the line, you could both be vacationing at Cancun or the Maldives. Just remember to be yourself at all material times, because in the end, that’s all you really need.

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