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Afrocritik Weekly Music Spotlight: Week 28

Afrocritik Weekly Music Spotlight: Week 28

Afrocritik Weekly Music Spotlight

The twenty-eight edition of the Afrocritik Weekly Music Spotlight

By Yinoluwa Olowofoyeku

Greetings, music aficionados! It’s that enchanting moment of the week when we embark on a journey through the sonic realms, and we have some exciting news! In a bid to refine our musical voyage and truly amplify the hidden gems, I’ve decided to shake things up a bit with the spotlight. We’re veering away from the more prominent names that grace every playlist and blog post, and instead diving deep into the undiscovered and unassuming brilliance of smaller-profile artistes. While I might still periodically point attention to larger profile songs or projects that aren’t getting the deserved buzz, you can generally brace yourselves for a more concise and focused listening experience, one that aims to spotlight those talented acts who might be slipping under the radar.

Before we get into it, a quick heads-up: we’re always on the lookout for fresh sounds, so if you’re an artiste with a gem that deserves some spotlight love, don’t hesitate to send an email to for details on how to get your work considered. Stay in the loop by following us on our socials, and keep those ears primed for the refined Monthly Editorial playlist coming your way.

Afrocritik Music Spotlight Week 28
Afrocritik Music Spotlight: Week 28

Now, let’s dive into the good stuff! This week’s playlist contains:

Under The Radar Mentions: This week, keep these releases from slipping through the cracks. Morravey, under the Davido Music Worldwide umbrella, drops the captivating RAVI EP, and the track “High Again” is a standout. WurlD makes a return with the compelling Don’t Get Used To This EP, featuring tracks like “Shake” and “Location” that demand your attention. Bien, with the intriguingly named album, Alusa Why Are You Topless?, treats us to the equally interesting tracks “Time Alone” and “Sex & Marijuana”. The dynamic duo, BOJ and Ajebutter, present the Make E No Cause Fight 3 project, showcasing gems like “DITR”. South African rapper Shane Eagle’s AKiRA unleashes tracks like “Major Desire?” and “Cash Money”.

Young Ladies Doing Amazingly: The ladies take centre stage and grace us with their immense talent. From the self-titled EP by the 17-year-old sensation Qing Madi, “Chargie” and “Vision” are sonic delights. Raebel, at 19, drops the stellar single, “Kash and Karry“. Mila Smith, also 19, exhibits a maturity beyond her years on the You Need Therapy project, with soulful offerings like “Toxic” and “Liars and Fakes”. Zonke’s heartfelt soulful album, Embo, captures the essence of tracks like “Yahweh” and “Little Things You Do”. Botswanan artiste, Titose, presents the All Things Considered project, with gems like “Friend of Mine” and “Erase Me/17”. And let’s not forget the contagious bop, Anabel Rose’s “Do Not Disturb“.

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Amapiano and Other Alternatives: Our Amapiano and Alternative selections are here to stay. BrisB’s “Dopamine” and “Nothing Changed” from the MESHMADMAN EP are a refreshing addition. Lookatups takes a unique approach to rap on “Intsikelelo” and “Icebo” off the Son Of Joy project. Dadju’s lively single “Makila: Wable” features Tayc. Jullian Gomes drops the dance album Bruno & The Birds, treating us to the mesmerising “Home” and the quintessential jam, “Let Me Go”. Sykes unveils the Most Wanted project, featuring tracks like “Mathandana” and “Sesigoduka”.

Remember, these highlighted tunes are just a sliver of the musical wonders waiting for you on the playlist. So, dive in, explore, and let the melodies carry you away. Be sure to go check out the albums and artistes mentioned and share the word about the playlist and the songs contained therein. Have yourselves a great time with the playlist and, until next week, may your days be filled with the magic of newly discovered sounds! Enjoy! 

Yinoluwa “Yinoluu” Olowofoyeku is a multi-disciplinary artist and creative who finds expression in various media. His music can be found across all platforms and he welcomes interaction on his social media @Yinoluu.

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