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Afrocritik Weekly Music Spotlight: Week 21

Afrocritik Weekly Music Spotlight: Week 21

Afrocritik Weekly Music Spotlight 2024: Week 8

The twenty-first edition of the Afrocritik Weekly Music Spotlight

By Yinoluwa Olowofoyeku 

Greetings, my fantastic fellow music explorers! It’s an absolute pleasure to welcome you back to yet another harmonious journey through the enchanting world of African music. I must say, this week has been a whirlwind of sonic delights, and it brings me immense joy to curate this playlist for you. The thrill of discovery has filled me as we enter this crowded window of highly anticipated releases.

But before we embark on our musical odyssey, let me invite you to join us on our social media platforms, @afrocritik. Exciting changes are on the horizon, as this week marks the beginning of our new monthly editorial playlist format, featuring the cream of the crop from our weekly spotlights throughout August. The link will be posted to our socials as soon as the update goes live, so stay tuned to our pages! And if you’re a budding artiste yearning to share your musical magic with the world, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at for details on how to get your work featured.

Now, without further ado, let’s immerse ourselves in the pulsating rhythms and soul-stirring harmonies of this week’s playlist, which boasts an array of musical treasures:

Afrocritik Music Spotlight Week 21
Afrocritik Music Spotlight: Week 21

A Few Big Names: This week, the titans of the music scene set the stage ablaze. Korede Bello, with his delightful album Beauty & Bliss, graces us with “Waiting”, “Yoga”, and the enchanting “Maria”. In a surprising return, Akon presents us with the electrifying Afro Freak album, featuring gems like “Sleep (Remix)”, the infectious “Loco”, and the introspective “Prolly Cut”. Meanwhile, Tekno’s presence is felt throughout the spotlight, offering us a taste of his upcoming The More the Better album with “Pocket” and “Peppermint“. He also collaborates with Shallipopi on the hypnotic “So What?” and joins Kelvyn Boy for the soulful “Softly.”

Impressive Newer Names: Our playlist is not just about the established stars; it is a celebration of fresh talent. Ghanaian newcomer, Veana Negasi’s brilliant debut EP, No Apologies, treats us to tracks like “Abracadabra”, the expressive “Bad Man Killa”, the soulful “Free Mind”, and the titular “No Apologies”. Kelvyn Boy, another fast-rising Ghanaian artiste, delivers the captivating For the Kulture album, featuring standout tracks like “Anti So”, “Don’t Know”, the star-studded remix of “Down Flat”, and the smooth “Softly”. SpotMaq shines with “Who’s Your Father”, “PDA”, and the infectious “Go Loco”, from his Under the Spotlight project. Ayo Maff offers a double dose of joy with “Jama Jama” and “Another Day“, while Zarion Uti injects pure energy into the playlist with the invigorating “Filo.” Abimbola’s Ecstasy project adds a touch of ecstasy with tracks like “Confirme”, the irresistible “Duro”, and the playful “Only One Rice.”

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Inventive Alternative Offerings: In the vast landscape of African music, we will always find a plethora of inventive and alternative sounds. South African songstress, MaNgcobo Khoza, enchants us with “Sondlela“, while her compatriot, Aubrey Qwana, takes us on a soothing journey with “Inhliziyo” and “Akasangifuni” from his calming Mkabayi album. Pula’s multi-dimensional self-titled Pula EP offers a diverse musical experience with tracks like the hypnotic “Pula Reprise”, the soulful “Unale Gade”, and the captivating “Jeteme.” EMK The Genie illuminates the underground scene with the thought-provoking I Don’t Know Right Now to Be Honest EP, featuring tracks like “Idk” and “Rn.” Bolaryn electrifies our ears with the high-voltage single, “Voltage.

Our Weekly Dose of Electronica: Dance and electronic music enthusiasts, rejoice! GMK and SGaWD invite you to “Dump All Your Worries on the Dance Floor” with their groovy beats. DJ S.K.T’s “Tight Condition” makes a triumphant return to the list, setting the dancefloor ablaze. DJ Tira takes centre stage with his expansive Malume Way album, where you’ll find AfroHouse, Amapiano, and even Gqom vibes in tracks like “Mina Nginje”, “Ukholo”, “Korobela”, “Asijabule”, and “Iskathi.”

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These are only a small taste of the delights that await you on the playlist. Don’t forget to add, follow, and share your favourite songs, as our playlists are ever-evolving with frequent updates. If you’re an artiste eager to share your musical creations with the world, seize the opportunity to feature on our playlists – reach out to for all the details.

Now, it’s time to let the rhythms sweep you away, the melodies ignite your spirit, and the harmonies resonate in your heart. Whether you choose to follow the curated order or take an adventurous shuffle through the tracks, be sure to let these melodies work their magic on your ears.

Enjoy the musical journey, dear readers, and until next week, let the music carry you to new heights!


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