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Ugandan Feature Film, “Leila,” Set to Premiere on June 21

Ugandan Feature Film, “Leila,” Set to Premiere on June 21

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Leila encapsulates the hunger and drive that individuals from the ghetto have to thrive and succeed.

By Helena Olori

Leila, an Ugandan feature film produced by Netstudios Africa in partnership with Mastercard Foundation, is set to premiere on June 21, 2023, at the Century Cinemax, Arena Mall.

The movie showcases the struggles faced by individuals coming from the ghetto, and their journey to overcome challenges and achieve success. It aims to inspire audiences with its uplifting narrative, celebrating hard work, and the ability to create a better life, regardless of one’s background.

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Written and directed by Barbara Atusasiira, Leila tells the story of a young and determined 21-year-old girl, Leila, who dreams of becoming an actress after stumbling upon a film crew shooting in her village. She faces resistance from her family, who believe her dreams are not practical.

In the trailer video released, Leila is seen making a daring escape from her home in the village after standing up to her family, telling them she needs no permission to live life on her terms. She sets out on a journey to the city to pursue her new found dream, and conquer obstacles along the way.

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Leila is a powerful reminder of the importance of chasing your dreams, no matter how many times you may stumble. This Ugandan feature film showcases the rewards that come from perseverance and determination,” explains the studio as it wraps up preparations for the films premiere.

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The film features rising talents in the Ugandan film industry, including Kaganzi Isaac, Inapo Cotilda, Nassuuna Freda, and Kateregga Martha.

In addition to Leila, the premiere will also showcase Ghetto Mama, a captivating documentary that follows Lukia Nakabazzi’s inspiring journey in Natete’s slums, highlighting her use of dance as a means of triumphing over adversity.

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