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Luxury Meets Art on Wizkid’s Dazzling “Money & Love” Music Video 

Luxury Meets Art on Wizkid’s Dazzling “Money & Love” Music Video 

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Wizkid and Director K seamlessly mix art with luxury and beauty in the music video for “Money & Love.” This video is a clear testament to Wixkid’s artistic taste, and a true reflection of the lyrical content of the song…

By Emmanuel Daraloye

Grammy Award-winning act, Wizkid, continues to pour from the dazzling cup of his More Love, Less Ego album as he released the third official video of the project on March 29, 2023. “Money & Love” opens MLLE, Wizkid’s fifth body of work.

In this video directed by the budding Director K for JF Films, Wizkid is pictured painting above a rooftop. He is surrounded by beautiful women and retro Ferraris. No doubt, Big Wiz has been sleeping like a baby on the laps of luxury.

Three weeks after he postponed his More Love, Less Ego tour to the Fall of 2023, Wizkid dropped this new video for his fans, showing them his new style, and in a way, slightly hinting to them on his ever-changing luxury lifestyle.

“Money & Love” is laid on jazz guitar, R&B tempo, and a shimmery piano chord. The two-verse song finds Wizkid bragging about his enormous wealth, sexual prowess, and his ability to adapt to the girl’s antics. “Money & Love” re-introduces us to Wizkid’s suave, confident side as he praises himself while serenading his love interest. His melodious vocals ride the wave of the groovy beat as he croons on the catchy hook, “My pocket full of money o, my heart full of loving o/ Nobody better for the dance I know, Fine lady she day bounce along.” 

Shot in locations around London, United Kingdom, this video brightens up “Money & Love.” It offers more than just a visual representation of the song but also a subtle and sleek commentary on the political terrain in Nigeria.

The video opens with Wizkid adorned in a pair of white trousers, sneakers, and a long-sleeved sweatshirt with a dazzling chain to match. He sits on a white Ferrari with five others scattered around. A lady walks into the frame and sits on a red Ferrari a close distance away from Wizkid. 

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Wizkid is shown taking a break from painting. The paintbrush dangles on, and in another scene, we see the beginning of his painting. The song pace increases  as a spliff dangles from his mouth. The new intensity is in tandem with the fast-paced tempo of the song. 

A newspaper headline that reads “frustration, credibility, doubts as election results trickle days after” is shown at the twenty seconds mark.  The newspaper lies with the brush paint and all other painting instruments. The headline could be taken as Wizkid’s commentary on the outcome of the 2023 Nigerian elections

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As Wizkid continues to paint, more women, all dressed up in black, arrive around the cars to dance. Wizkid, an apparent soon-to-be Picasso, positions his muse, a dark lady, on the long cushion. He returns to the painting as he strives to get the perfect artwork. 

The scene switches back to the car park as the red Ferrari cars race on. The cars multiply as the video continues. The dancing of Wizkid as well as that of the models is passionate, infectious and invigorating, however solemn it looks. 

Wizkid is shown on another break; this time around, he has a cigarette stuck at the back of his ear. He looks earnestly at his work. He is yet unimpressed. 

At the one-minute, thirty seconds mark, Wizkid is now wearing a sleeveless cardigan with a three-colour strip; this new scene features six more beautiful women. In one of the shots taken, at the two minutes, twenty-one-second mark, one of the models tries to light up an encrusted spliff. The tray filled with weed is passed around as the remaining women try to roll up more joints. Others hold wine cups as they chat, smile, and make merry. Wizkid sits on a chair some inches away from them, and he sings. We return to the painting, and see Wizkid finally wrapping up his creative work.

When the lyrics, “chop, make I chop, aunty o,” comes up at the two minutes, twenty-nine seconds mark, Wizkid is shown with a bowl of  soup, about to scoop the content into his mouth.

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The video races to an end as the six women clink their glass cups. The sax solo continues as Wizkid repeats the line “je, make I je.” An animated Wizkid is shown at the two minutes, fifty-seven-second mark, air-drawing the size of a woman’s backside. No doubt, he’s captivated by what he sees.

The video ends with Wizkid finally showing us the painting he has been working on: the lady is naked, sprawled on a green cushion chair, her black hair flowing. 

Wizkid and Director K seamlessly mix art with luxury and beauty in the music video for “Money & Love.” This video is a clear testament to Wixkid’s artistic taste, and a true reflection of the lyrical content of the song. It’s not a boisterous record, yet, Director Kay  is able to give us a luxury-filled video, one that would stand the test of time. 

Personifying Wizkid as an artist is not something a lot of people saw coming. The video is a dash from the cliche party, money, and women trope most Nigerian artistes are known for. With the More Love Less Ego tour now months to go, Wizkid just gave his fans a near-perfect apology. 

Video rating: 7/10


Emmanuel Daraloye is Africa’s Most Prolific Freelance Music Critic. He has over 500 album reviews in his archive.


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