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Here Are Six Ways To Properly Spend a Weekend In Africa’s Busiest Cities

Here Are Six Ways To Properly Spend a Weekend In Africa’s Busiest Cities

lagos pub weekend

By David Adewusi

You’ve worked everyday this past week, always having to leave your house as early as 5 a.m. so you can beat the city’s traffic. Each day, you arrive back home as late as 7 p.m., hitting your bed almost immediately because you have to be up before 5 a.m. again. It’s a vicious cycle — working and surviving in a major African city, but rather than sleeping all weekend, there are tons of fun activities you are missing out on!

Here’s a fun-filled activity guide for the workaholics and city dwellers across the African continent; please do me a favor if you worked all through the week, and try out one of these suggestions!

  1. Visit Art Galleries

gallery weekend

Are you a lover of the arts? Or do you really just enjoy staring at beautiful paintings and sculptures? Whether you’re in Lagos, Abuja, Accra, Nairobi or Cairo, there’s a huge chance that a beautiful art gallery is somewhere in the heart of the city. Most of these galleries offer basic services: you come in and appreciate the paintings, take pictures, perhaps listen to a few stories behind the art. However, some galleries like the Nike Art Gallery offer way more than that. Nike features a dance class, adire/tie and dye workshop, and a treat of African dishes. How could I forget the grand welcome for each visitor, which includes singing and dancing?

Does this sound like fun to you? If it does, Google Maps is ready to take your enquiries.

2. Go Shopping

shopping weekend

Who doesn’t enjoy shopping? To be very specific, I enjoy getting new things for myself, and I’m sure you do too.

Getting a new bag, new clothes or even groceries doesn’t have to be boring; visit a mall and promise yourself a treat after. You would be shocked at how fast you buy those groceries. You can also promise yourself a session at the spa, or a few bottles at your favourite pub.

  1. Go Skating Or Trampoline Jumping

 trampoline lagos

Fun fact: you don’t have to go to the United States to go skating, as there is now a skating rink in Lagos, Nigeria. The lack of ice has got nothing on you, all thanks to the D-Cube Rollerskating Rink in Lekki.

You can also go jumping on a trampoline at the Upbeat Centre in Lekki, which houses West Africa’s premier trampoline park. Here, you can learn to backflip, or just do crazy body stunts without the fear of breaking your bones.

This is a great idea for people who want to try something new, or who just want to have fun with friends.


  1. Chill In A Cool Spot

lagos pub weekend

There’s perhaps nothing more relaxing than enjoying a cool evening with friends or family. If you’ve had a terribly busy week, or the kind of week where your boss kept breathing down your neck, the best way to get over the stress would be to find a nice relaxation spot, or have a few drinks with friends. Beyond the calming effect this would have on your mind, it also helps you build quality relationships with your loved ones.

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For lovers of sport, it’s also another opportunity to catch up on their favorite football leagues around the world. In any case, the Olympic Games beckon.

5. Visit The Beach


It’s always a great idea to visit the beach. You can plan a picnic, a getaway weekend with your significant other, or just an evening involving drinks and good food. Walk barefoot in the sand, let the sun hit your skin, and then take a cool bath afterwards. You’d be surprised at the effect this would have on your mind, and ultimately, the new working week.

  1. Go Paintballing

paintballing weekend

This is one great experience everyone should definitely have. This experience has you acting out your own Hollywood action film, where you are Jason Statham or Tom Cruise. You handle a gun (albeit a non-lethal one), wear a camouflage outfit, and shoot at your friends. There are tons of paintball arenas in almost every major African city; Lagos has the Ultimate Arena in Lagos, Ibadan has a paintball spot in Agodi Garden, and Abuja has Bush Fighters PaintBalling in Central Park Abuja.

If shooting at your friends — or strangers — sounds like fun to you, then you should work towards doing this one weekend!

What will you be doing next weekend? Choosing to sleep all through the weekend is not the most relaxing option available to you, try the options available up there. You’re welcome.

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