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Guchi Displays Full Romantic Side in New Two-Pack Single

Guchi Displays Full Romantic Side in New Two-Pack Single

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Nigerian singer-songwriter, Guchi, continues her stellar 2023 run with her latest release, a two-pack single, “All over You/Mon Bébé.”

By Yinoluwa Olowofoyeku

Nigerian singer-songwriter, Guchi, continues her stellar 2023 run with her latest release, a two-pack single, “All over You/Mon Bébé.”

Born in Kaduna, raised in Abuja, and now thriving in Lagos, Guchi (Ugochi Onuoha) burst onto the scene with her breakout hit single, “Jennifer,” in 2020. Propelled by a TikTok challenge and Guchi’s captivating presence, the infectious track went viral and caught the attention of the movers and shakers within the industry. A few years on from that, and Guchi has cemented herself as a fast-rising popstar, with a rapidly growing fanbase across the world. This is due to her stylistic versatility, vibrant energy, undeniable talent, and clever song-writing evidenced by her infectious hooks and relatable, witty lyrics. She puts all those skills on full display with these two new songs.

“All over You” is an energetic anthem of love and devotion. The instrumentals pulsate with vibrant energy, featuring dynamic drum rolls that infuse a sense of anticipation and excitement. The simple yet alluring keys effortlessly create a fitting sonic atmosphere for the artiste, allowing her vocals to soar with emotive prowess. The fusion of these elements forms a dance-worthy soundscape that beckons listeners to surrender to the irresistible allure of love, becoming lost in the song’s hypnotic melodies. Flute flourishes and a rippling synth line add tasteful accents that spice up the beat even further. Over this instrumental, Guchi weaves a tale of irresistible love and desire. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a passionate and intense connection, with Guchi expressing an unwavering determination to cling onto the love she shares with her partner. The chorus is anchored by Guchi’s powerful voice and melodic choices, as she finally makes her intentions fully known with a heartfelt declaration, expressing her unyielding desire to be fully immersed in this person with a permanence akin to that of a tattoo.

“All over You” is a testament to Guchi’s artistry, showcasing her ability to create an immersive musical experience that resonates deeply with audiences. With its danceable rhythms, evocative vocals, and clear narrative, this track is sure to leave a mark on the hearts and minds of listeners as they dance along

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Not content with that effort, she follows it up with “Mon Bebe” which raises the bar along with the tempo. This is a romantic song with a more energetic and playful edge wherein Guchi showcases her versatility by leaning on a diverse fusion of Afrobeats and pop influences. This enchanting single brims with infectious energy, weaving a narrative of infatuation and longing as Guchi expresses her overwhelming attraction to her beloved.

The beat immediately set the stage with uptempo rhythms, rattling shakers, fast-paced drums, and unique use of Amapiano log drums. The synth keys and chords round out the instrumentals while Guchi displays a completely new side of her deliveries, using her lower register to deliver more Afropop-centric rapid-fire cadences.

DSC11791 1 Guchi All Over You Mon Bebe Guchi Press Photos6

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The chorus sees Guchi showering her titular baby with affirmations, admiration, and compliments, playfully comparing his deliciousness to that of lollipops and macaroni, showing her signature lyrical wit.

Guchi’s smooth and melodic vocals effortlessly intertwine with the lively instrumentation, further enhancing the song’s allure and ensuring its rightful place on playlists and in clubs alike. “Mon Bebe” stands as a testament to Guchi’s versatility, allowing her to flex different musical musical muscles while still delivering a captivating listening experience that is certified Guchi.



Yinoluwa “Yinoluu” Olowofoyeku is a multi-disciplinary artist and creative who finds expression in various media.

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