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Five Cities You Must Visit Before You Die

Five Cities You Must Visit Before You Die

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By David Adewusi

Let’s face it: there’s a traveller inside all of us. No matter how different you think you are, there is a high chance you have dreamed of packing your bags to a new country or city, and experiencing an entirely new culture for the first time. However, almost as quickly as this thought sets in, it disappears. This is because travelling is expensive, and it can take months to save up for one trip. 

When you are ready to hit the world, here are 5 cities you must visit before you die:


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The ancient Italian city you heard about in your history class is one of the most popular tourists’ choices. This city of wonders is home to the ageless Colosseum and some of the finest wines in the world. As expected, Italians have some of the finest dishes in the world; and you should make sure you eat pasta and pizza in Rome before leaving. Also, Rome is a perfect spot for your timeless Instagram selfies. Make sure you stop  at the Trevi Fountain and make a wish!


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Everybody talks about New York, which really could be a sort of turn-off to people like me. But this is the truth: the hype around New York is legit. Home to some of the biggest tech companies in the world, New York is a modern-day masterpiece, featuring some of the best architectural designs in the world. This city is also the perfect place to experience America in its fullness; its hot dogs, bagels, cheesecakes, pizza, buzzing nightlife, great music, and so on.

Come on, it’s not America if you didn’t party in NY city!


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Located in southeast Asia, this city is great for those who want to see nature at its finest. Featuring one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, Cebu city in the Philippines is a treasure waiting to be discovered. The Blue water of the Kawasan Falls is mesmerising, enough to make you feel like you are in a dream!


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Oh, what’s a list of perfect cities without the capital city of England? London is the perfect city for everyone, whether you are in search of art, food, fashion, or just in search of great locations for having fun. Boasting of history, art, architecture, and sports, London is where you should be every summer break!


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A floating city, Venice has been termed over and over again the most romantic city in the world (Sorry, Paris). If you want the complete Italian experience, then you should be packing your bags as you read this. And that of your partner, too.

Of course, there are more cities to explore before THE time comes. But you just have to make sure that these cities are at the top of your list. Whatever your tourist needs are, these cities are ready to exceed your expectations!

David Adewusi has appeared on Kalahari Review, Praxis Magazine, African Writer, and Naked Convos. Currently living in Ibadan and being forced to study in a Nigerian institution, his biggest dream is to be left alone.

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