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Analog Africa Set to Reissue The Good Samaritans’ “No Food Without Taste If By Hunger”

Analog Africa Set to Reissue The Good Samaritans’ “No Food Without Taste If By Hunger”

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This new version has six songs and will be available on March 3.

By Hope Ibiale

German music label, Analog Africa, is set to digitise and reissue Philosopher Okundaye and The Good Samaritans’ debut album, No Food Without Taste If By Hunger. The Edo-Funk project will be made available to listeners on March 3, 2023, via streaming platforms and vinyl copies.

Initially recorded in 1982, the project was solely recorded and mixed by Angel Philosopher Okundaye. The latest edition will house songs like “Onughara,” “Gaskya-Kace,” “Bi Enu Ba Sahun,” “Ughamwen-Rhienenemwen,” “Ekhueghamunu,” and “Aikemienaru-Nanorunomwan.”

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Samy Ben Redjeb
Analog Africa - Okundaye
Philosopher Okundaye

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Samy Ben Redjeb’s Analog Africa label has been unearthing and remastering old African albums for over a decade. This initiative has led to the reissuing of projects like Ernesto Djedje’s Roi Du Ziglibithy, Orchestre Massako, Hallelujah Chicken Run Band’s Take One, Amara Toure’s 1973-1980 anthology, and many others.

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Much like his fellow musicians from his generation, Philosopher Okundaye’s music remains influential. The latest edition of his debut project will be remastered by Nick Robbins, and will be limited to 2000 copies.

During a press release, the label stated, “Put on your dancing shoes and be ready to kill the dancefloor. The intoxicating highlife music known as Edo Funk from Benin City, Nigeria, is back. Following the planetary success of our ‘Edo Funk Explosion Vol.1’ project, we have now unearthed ‘No Food Without Taste If By Hunger’ by The Good Samaritans, one of the most obscure Nigerian albums ever recorded. The band’s first album is full of bouncy basslines, raw trance-like grooves, and tripped-out psychedelic guitars, a funk experience unlike any other.”

Pre-order the project ahead of its March 3 release date.

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