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African Audio Chronicles: 30 Must-Listen African Podcasts

African Audio Chronicles: 30 Must-Listen African Podcasts

African Audio Chronicles 30 Must-Listen African Podcasts - Afrocritik

Whether you’re a curious mind seeking to expand your horizons, an entrepreneur looking for business ideas and inspiration, or you just want engaging content to unwind to, African podcasts offer an invaluable resource that transcends borders and cultures. 

By Hope Ibiale

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape where information is at our fingertips, podcasts have become a powerful tool to inform, entertain, and inspire. Podcasts have also become relevant in Africa, influencing culture and pushing the boundaries of diverse conversations from the continent.  

Podcasts offer a unique platform for Africans to share their stories, expertise, and perspectives with a global audience. From thought-provoking discussions on important social issues to entrepreneurial success stories and creative expressions of African art and culture, the podcasting medium allows Africans to amplify their voices, challenge stereotypes, and contribute to global dialogues. From its small beginnings over a decade ago, the podcasting industry in Africa has evolved tremendously to become a notable platform for entertainment, news, and storytelling. Whether you’re a curious mind seeking to expand your horizons, an entrepreneur looking for business ideas and inspiration, or you just want engaging content to unwind to, African podcasts offer an invaluable resource that transcends borders and cultures. 

It is high time we dived into this audio treasure trove, and in this listicle, we will introduce you to some podcasts from Africa you should be listening to. So, grab your headphones, and let us explore African podcasts together. 

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F&S Uncensored

F&S Uncensored - Afrocritik

In the podcasting industry in Africa, Feyikemi Akin-Bankole and Simi Badiru’s F&S Uncensored take a front row in bringing conversations about music and pop culture to young Africans. With each weekly episode release, the duo captivates audiences with their relatable topics, sharing their experiences as creatives in the music industry. The podcast also interviews creatives in the African music industry. Last year, the podcast was selected as a beneficiary of Spotify’s New Africa Podcast fund



Menisms - Afrocritik

Hosted by Michael Sonariwo and Olumurewa Ogunkoya, the Menisms podcast is an urban pop culture podcast that discusses issues relating to African men. Sonariwo and Ogunkoya entertain listeners with their witty banter, exploring living in Lagos, one of Nigeria’s bustling urban cities, dating, entertainment, and trending topics. The podcast has hosted guests such as Nollywood actors, Daniel Etim-Effiong and Efa Iwara, artiste manager, Muyiwa Awoniyi, and Nigerian activist and politician, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, among others.


Submarine and a Roach

Submarine and a roach - Afrocritik

When you Google Submarine and a Roach, the first description that pops up is this: “This show is about how 3 brave modern-day revolutionaries contribute to the advancement of the culture, one hilarious episode at a time.” The description paints a clear picture of the podcast; how the hosts humorously dissect topics around politics, love in Lagos, relationships, and many more. The podcast also hosts personalities from different industries to join in the playful banter and share valuable insights. 

Loose Talk Podcast

Loose Talk Podcast - Afrocritik

The Loose Talk podcast could be considered one of the first podcasts in the Nigerian podcast community. On each episode, the hosts; Osagie, Alonge, Ayomide Tayo, and Steve Dede, discuss topics around the African entertainment scenes. The podcast temporarily closed up shop in 2016 but has been revived earlier this year with fresh episodes. 

I Said What I Said 

I Said What I Said - Afrocritik

The I Said What I Said (ISWIS) podcast is probably one of the most popular podcasts in Nigeria. Since its inception, ISWIS has become an important part of Nigeria’s pop culture. From the guests to the hilarious way the hosts, Feyikemi Abudu and Jola Ayeye, dissect different issues, ISWIS is guaranteed to give you a good time. Also, the agony segment has sparked different reactions on social media due to the chaotic problems listeners bring to the show. 


Tea with Tay

Tea with Tay - Afrocritik

Armed with a red mug, Taymesan Emmanuel first appeared on our screens via Instagram, sharing short skits. Now, he has more than one red mug, with a couch and a microphone to helm the Tea with Tay podcast. Taymesan regularly hosts Nigerian entertainers and industry giants, sharing thrilling and exciting stories on each episode. From Falz to Teni, to Kennedy Ikedieze and Korty, he offers listeners the chance to experience the journeys of these personalities. 


Bae Gist

Bae Gist podcast - Afrocritik

If you are looking for a podcast centred around the affairs of the Gen Z demographic, then Bae Gist is perfect for you. Hosted by Oluwatosin Omolale and Itty Okim, Bae Gist is a relationship podcast that discusses topics like sex, romance, love, and many others. The podcast also invites other guests to share their experiences with dating. 


AIAC Podcast

The AIAC - Afrocritik

You cannot claim to be interested in knowing about Africa without talking about Africa is a Country (AIAC) podcast hosted by South African writer and editor, Will Shoki. The AIAC podcast provides an in-depth analysis of current affairs, sports, and culture in Africa and the rest of the world. The AIAC podcast keeps you informed on topics such as the presidential campaigns and elections in Egypt, African football and the AFCON, the uprising in Sudan, and so on. 

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Afrobeats Weekly

Afrobeats Weekly - Afrocritik

The Afrobeats Weekly podcast is hosted by Olatunde and ShoWontStop. It revolves around music, sharing the latest music news, reviewing new music, and even sharing informative music tips. The podcast also interviews artistes, producers, and other key players in the music industry.  The podcast is the perfect find for music lovers, artistes, and other music creatives. 

So Nigerian

So Nigerian podcast - Afrocritik

As a Nigerian living in Nigeria, there are a million and one things that can frustrate you. Whether it is traffic, school, love, your nosy aunties, the pressure to get married, heartbreak, and so on. But podcasts like So Nigerian let you know that you are not alone in the struggle. Hosted by Dami Eros and Isaac Aigbadumah, the podcast delves into societal issues facing young Nigerians in a comical and relatable way. The episode, “How should I communicate my love language?” is a personal favourite. 


Uncooked Women

Uncooked Women - Afrocritik

A fascinating feature of the Uncooked Women podcast, hosted by Olamide and Ada, is the remarkable way the podcast connects their discourse around food. From history to politics, sex, love, modern relationships, feminism, and culture, food always finds its way into the conversations. They also invite food writers, food historians, and many others who bring their spicy additions to whatever topic is being discussed. 

Nipe Stories

Nipe Stories

If you are a fan of audiobooks, then the Nipe Stories podcast was made for you. The podcast is hosted by Kenyan journalist and queer activist, Kevin Mwachiro, and is a platform for short stories. Since its launch in 2017, the podcast has produced audio versions of short stories from Africa. The Nipe podcast is one of the few podcasts that focuses on short African stories and queer fictional narratives. 

Adventures from the Bedroom of African Women 

Adventures from the Bedroom of African Women - Afrocritik

For over a decade, the Adventures from the Bedroom of African Women podcast has explored the experiences of African women, in relation to their sex life, sexuality, and pleasure. Driven by the dearth of knowledge about sex and sexuality, particularly of African women, the podcast hosts, Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah and Malaka Grant felt a growing need to openly engage on the subject, touching on topics like kinks, self-pleasure, and ageing. They aim to change the narrative for African women, providing support and a space to have frank, accessible, empowering conversations about sexuality. By so doing, they have created a space for African women to learn, teach, and share.

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Vestiges of Violence 

Vestiges of Violence - Afrocritik

Through the Vestiges of Violence podcast, listeners are pulled into the lives of victims from conflict-ridden areas in Nigeria. Created by HumAngle, each episode takes a deep dive into the personal encounters of Nigerians who have experienced different forms of violence. While each episode is capped at less than 20 minutes, they remind listeners of the conflict that is present and sometimes overlooked in Nigeria.   

Radio Workshop

Radio Workshop - Afrocritik

Hosted by Lesedi Mogoatlhe, the Radio Workshop is a podcast focused on bringing underrepresented stories and individuals. Whether it is reporting stories about elections in Zimbabwe, or profiling LGBTQIA+ individuals, the podcast always brings fresh perspectives to different issues in Africa. The podcast works with youth reporters and ensures that African voices are heard. 

Nollywood Film Club

Nollywood Film Club - Afrocritik

The Nollywood Film Club is a podcast dedicated to having conversations on different topics in the Nigerian film industry. From AMVCA nominations to film reviews, and interviews, the podcast is the right place to find the trendiest topics about Nollywood. 

Afrobeats Intelligence 

Afrobeats Intelligence podcast - Afrocritik

This podcast started as a newsletter helmed by Nigerian music journalist, Joey Akan. Like the newsletter, Akan interviews African artistes and other music professionals on the Afrobeats Intelligence podcast, focusing on broad interviews while digging deep into the foundations of the Nigerian music industry. 


MedxTek Africa 

MedxTek Africa - Afrocritik

The MedxTex Africa podcast highlights digital health and health technology innovations in Africa. The podcast also discusses the impact of these innovations on the healthcare system across Africa. Alongside guests, the podcast’s host, Dr. Sam Oti, a public health physician and digital health enthusiast, shares insights on different topics related to digital health, while also exposing ways in which these digital health tools can improve health in Africa.  

Ideas That Matter

Ideas That Matter - Afrocritik

From career talks to financial and spiritual tips, Vusi Thembekwayo’s podcast, Ideas That Matter offers listeners a platform that encourages them to be exceptional in all spheres of their lives.  

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femi.the.god - Afrocritik

Zero Conditions Podcast

Zero Conditions Podcast - Afrocritik

Hosted by Excel Joab, Melody Hassan, and Motolani Alake, the Zero Conditions Podcast explores conversations on the Nigerian and global pop-culture scene and notable cultural moments. Released every Monday, the podcast also hosts guests like music executives, label bosses, artistes, and other creatives from different industries. 

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Legally Clueless

Legally Clueless - Afrocritik

Legally Clueless hosted by Kenyan media personality Adelle Onyango, talks about everything, from relationships to personal development, mental health, and social issues, there is an episode for everyone. The podcast is also a platform for Africans to share their stories and connect with other listeners with similar stories. 

Africa Rights Talk 

Africa Rights Talk podcast - Afrocritik

As humans, it is imperative to be knowledgeable about our rights, and this is where the Africa Rights Talk podcast comes in. With insightful conversations that delve into subjects like children’s mental health, women’s rights, and cybersecurity, listeners can broaden their minds on various global matters.

Osikoya Speaks

Osikoya Speaks - Afrocritik

Hosted by music journalist and content creator, Wonu Osikoya, Osikoya Speaks is one podcast that sheds light on the latest news in the African music industry and also provides an avenue for listeners to connect with their favourite artistes. Osikoya also invites music executives to share their insights on different topics. 


Sincerely Accra

Sincerely Accra - Afrocritik

Hosted by Joseph Nti, the Sincerely Accra podcast is a popular Ghanaian podcast based on urban life in Accra. On each episode, listeners are pulled into different vox pops and in-studio interviews predominantly in English, with an occasional blend of Pidgin, Twi, and Ga.


WithChude podcast - Afrocritik

The #WithChude podcast is one of the podcasts in Africa leading conversations on social issues. Since its creation, the podcast has been at the forefront of movements around sexual abuse, the LGBTQ community, gender-based violence, depression, and many other challenging subjects. Hosted by Nigerian media personality, Chude Jideonwo, #WithChude has continued to raise underrepresented voices in Africa. - Afrocritik

This podcast hosted by Kenyan creatives, Eli Mwenda and Oscar Koome, is centred around discussing social and personal issues such as self-care, fatherhood, dating toxic masculinity, and feminism. recognises the importance of men engaging in vital conversations. The podcast recently became the first podcast in sub-Saharan Africa to produce an entire season in London with Spotify Studios. 

The Messy Inbetween

The Messy Inbetween - Afrocritik

In this podcast, the hosts, Murugi Munyi and Lydia Mukami, share their experiences with love, money, and their careers with their audience. From these experiences, listeners can live vicariously through the hosts and get advice on navigating their personal lives. The Messy Inbetween podcast also provides a safe space for women to be vulnerable. 

After School Is After School with Sister G.U

After School Is After School with Sister G.U - Afrocritik

One recurring feature of most of the podcasts in this listicle is the hosts’ ability to form deep connections with their listeners, and the same can be said for the After School Is After School with Sister G.U podcast. Its host, Gugulethu Nyatsumba, uses the platform to share the challenges she faces in her 20s and hopes her experiences can inspire listeners. 

Wisdom and Wellness with Mpoomy Ledwaba

Wisdom and Wellness with Mpoomy Ledwaba - Afrocritik

In this podcast, the host, Mpoomy Ledwaba, aims to engage the audience with relevant conversations that can influence them to be better versions of themselves. From topics ranging from consistency to womanhood, mental health, and how to achieve financial success, the Wisdom and Wellness with Mpoomy Ledwaba podcast continues to share some of life’s most important lessons. 

Si Maman M’avait Dit

Si Maman M'avait Dit - Afrocritik

The Si Maman M’avait Dit podcast, which translates to “if mom had told me”, is hosted by Cameroonian journalist and creative entrepreneur, Diane Audrey Ngako. In the podcast, Ngako invites guests to share how they have navigated life, their careers, and relationships. 

Hope Ibiale is a writer, and a book lover.

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