December 2, 2023

Kill Boro continues the stride to empowering emerging filmmakers, and testifies to efforts to promote innovation in Nollywood. 

Native Filmworks and Michelangelo Productions have announced the resumption of their groundbreaking First Features project as the crew returns to set to continue shooting Kill Boro.

The First Features project, initiated by Nollywood filmmakers, Steve Gukas and Dotun Olakunri, is committed to nurturing and empowering a new generation of film directors in Nollywood. This is achieved through training and funding of the first feature films by emerging filmmakers in the Nigerian film industry. The project is committed to “fostering creativity, diversity, and excellence in filmmaking”, with dedication to promoting Nigerian cinema to international recognition and acclaim. 

Kill Boro is being directed by Courage Obayuwana, a protégé of the project.

Courage Obayuwana - First Features Project - Kill Boro - Afrocritik
Director, Courage Obayuwana, on set of Kill Boro

Steve Gukas, a renowned Nollywood director, recognised for works such as 93 Days and A Place in the Stars, emphasised the project’s significance, stating, “The First Features project reflects our unwavering commitment to elevating Nigerian cinema by nurturing emerging talents with top-tier industry expertise…”

Dotun Olakunri, co-founder of the initiative, also stated the importance of the project: “Our objective with First Features is to bolster the talent pool in Nollywood. We firmly believe investing in the next wave of filmmakers is essential for the industry’s continued growth. With the evolving landscape of Nollywood, including the entry of streaming giants like Prime Video, initiatives like First Features play a crucial role in upskilling local talent and ensuring that Nigerian cinema continues to captivate global audiences.”

Still from Kill Boro - Afrocritik
On the set of Kill Boro
On set of Kill Boro - First Feature project - Afrocritik
Seated L-R Steve Gukas and Dotun Olakunri the Nollywood Veterans Behind The First Features Project

First Features achieved its first milestone last year with the release of Cake, a feature film directed by Prosper Edesiri, which starred Nollywood stars such as Tope Tedela, Sophie Alakija, and Patience Ozokwor. The initiative has also concluded the production of Love & Life, directed by Reuben Reng, and stars Rita Dominic, Nse Ikpe-Etim, Chidi Mokeme and Michelle Dede. Love & Life will be released in cinemas in Nigeria in October 2023.

Kill Boro continues the stride to empowering emerging filmmakers, and testifies to efforts to promote innovation in Nollywood. 

Kill Boro is currently filming in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

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