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Nigerian Singer/Songwriter, Lucid, Releases Debut EP, “Hi, I’m Lulu”

Nigerian Singer/Songwriter, Lucid, Releases Debut EP, “Hi, I’m Lulu”

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By Sybil Fekurumoh

Nigerian singer/songwriter, Lucid, has released his debut EP, Hi, I’m Lulu, and with this project, Lucid introduces himself and shares his experiences with the world. The seven-tracked EP is a blend of seductive and self-expository songs that call listeners to take a dip into Lucid’s fervent energy.

Lucid hails from Abuja, Nigeria. Born Victor Barnabas Nanribetmun, he began singing at a young age. Over the years, the 21-year-old has honed his craft and continuously displayed mastery of his sound. This project serves as a significant milestone for the artiste who has come a long way since his beginnings. Lucid shared his excitement in creating Hi, I’m Lulu, and desires that it leaves a lasting impression on listeners.

“This EP means everything to me, aside from that, it’s my debut, which is amazing. It’s my sound, my music, my stories are in my songs. Every song has a feeling to it and I pray the world gets to hear my sound and testify decades after.” Lucid draws inspiration from his environment, and real-life events which listeners can relate to.

Hi, I’m Lulu opens with “Blessings,” a personal and revealing track about his journey so far. The song is an emotive listen, as Lucid tries to connect with listeners on a deeper level. “Night Bus” follows suit as a groovy song which deviates from the first with its sultry lyrics. The song is replete with double entendres about passion and sexual explorations.


“Flat Tyre” explores debauchery and toxic relationships. With this song, Lucid creates awareness about the harmful effect of excessive indulgence. “Therapy” is an intimate and introspective song. It encourages personal growth and self-reflection. It reminds listeners to be vulnerable, and to take charge of their hearts and minds.

“Tatashe” is a song made for lovebirds. It centres on how love is expressed. The Jazzman-produced “Bebe” is catchy and energetic. The project finishes with “Heart and Soul,” a danceable track that reflects Lucid’s never-give-up attitude. Lucid closes with words to encourage listeners to always strive for the best.

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Experience Lucid’s personal growth and self-expression on Hi, I’m Lulu, an EP that is both thought-provoking with its lyricism and infectious with its melodies. Listen now on major streaming platforms.

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