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Nadine Ibrahim’s New Series, “Beyond the Veil,” Set to Premiere on Prime Video

Nadine Ibrahim’s New Series, “Beyond the Veil,” Set to Premiere on Prime Video

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Beyond the Veil will be available exclusively on prime video on March 3rd, 2023.

By Helena Olori

Nadine Ibrahim‘s new drama series, Beyond the Veil, will premiere exclusively on Prime Video on March 3rd, 2023, following a licensing agreement with the streaming platform.

Sharing her excitement about the upcoming series on her Instagram page, Ibrahim said, “I am so happy to finally share this news with you all and can’t wait to see the reviews…our cast and crew did a phenomenal job on this beautiful show.”

The series, created by Nadine Ibrahim and Sifa Asani Gowon, and produced by Ajifa Atuluku, is an insightful exploration of modern-day femininity in Northern Nigeria, and follows the lives of five women living in Abuja as they navigate the challenges of work, love, family, and friendship.

Nadine Ibrahim- Producer of Beyond The Veil
Nadine Ibrahim

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Much like Showmax’s Real House Wives of Abuja that showcases the city’s scandals, fashion and ultra rich lives, Beyond the Veil promises to showcase the diversity and richness of Arewa culture, including its fashion, lifestyle, and traditions, while also addressing social issues, such as polygamy, drug abuse, gender-based violence, forbidden relationships, and unstable family dynamics.

The show stars a talented cast of Nollywood actors, including Jemima Osunde, Maryam Booth, Norah Ego, Ummi Baba Ahmed, Ame Aiyejina, Norbert Young, Habiba Zock-Sock, Yakubu Mohammed, Rikadawa Rabiu, Caleb Richard, and emerging actress, Blessing Uzero as Sarah. Mavin Records music star, Di’ja, will also make a guest appearance in the series.

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