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KZN Film Commission Flags Off Applications for the 2023 Development Funding Programme

KZN Film Commission Flags Off Applications for the 2023 Development Funding Programme

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Filmmakers based in KZN can submit their unconventional stories to the commission on or before the July 15 closing date.

By Helena Olori

South African KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission has called for submission of participatory proposals from eligible filmmakers for the 2023 development funding programme.

The fund, which was launched in 2014, is designed to stimulate the growth of the film and TV industry by providing the necessary financial aid for filmmakers for the development and production of television, feature films, short films, animation and documentary content. It also covers the post production stage of the films such as marketing, distribution, audience development and festivals.

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Beyond financing, the Film Fund set up specifically for residents of the coastal South African province, KZN Film Commission, aims to give a voice to budding filmmakers and equip them with the requisite creative expertise while positioning KwaZulu-Natal as a globally competitive, diverse, sustainable film industry and a destination of choice for film.

To promote inclusivity, special preference will be given to persons living with disabilities, women, and youths under the age of 35. Interested filmmakers, including students and interns, are required to submit unconventional films that intellectually challenge societal norms and the status quo.

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All applications must include a one-page motivational letter, a brief synopsis of the film, two page narrative treatment detailing the film’s genre, target audience, cast, etc., a detailed development budget with KNZ expenditure, proof of residence, Curriculum Vitae of both the screenwriter and producer, among others.

Applications can be submitted to on or before the closing date, July 15, 2023.

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