September 23, 2023

The Institute for Creative Dying is now on sale on all major booksellers and platforms.

By Helena Olori

South African writer, Jarred Thompson‘s debut novel The Institute for Creative Dying, has been released by Afritondo Media and Publishing.

The novel is a thrilling and imaginative journey through the realities of mortality and the interconnected essence of all life. It narrates the tale of five strangers — a model, a former nun, a troubled couple, and an offender just released from prison — who agree to embark on an unusual expedition that demands them to broaden their horizons and embrace unorthodox ways of experiencing life and mortality.

In his review of the book, writer and journalist, Megan Ross, said: “The Institute for Creative Dying is quite unlike anything I have ever read before… its utter brilliance, leaves a mark on one as a reader that few debut authors are able to. Thompson is only just flexing his literary muscles, and yet the result is an astonishing, unique piece of work that is a testament to the chaos and calm that exists in this world, as well as in every one of us.”

Jarred Thompson- The Institute For Creative Dying
Jarred Thompson reading at a book event

Jarred Thompson- The Institute For Creative Dying

Jarred Thompson- The Institute For Creative Dying

Jarred Thompson has been receiving significant attention since his short story “Good Help is Hard to Find” won the 2020 Afritondo Short Fiction Prize.

The rising author — who doubles as a literary and cultural studies researcher, educator and lecturer at the University of Pretoria — has been awarded multiple prestigious scholarships, such as The Global Excellence and Stature Scholarship, The Chris van Wyk Creative Writing Scholarship, as well as two National Arts Council Grants, and an NRF nGAP Scholarship.

The Institute For Creative Dying is published by Pan Macmillan SA, and  now on sale on all major booksellers and platforms in the US, UK and South Africa.

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