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How To Enjoy A Great Weekend With 2,000 Naira In Lagos

How To Enjoy A Great Weekend With 2,000 Naira In Lagos

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By David Adewusi

Having a fun-filled weekend in Lagos would cost you an arm and a leg. This is largely due to the cost of transport, the effect of inflation on almost every item, and the fact that breathing in Lagos is getting more expensive by the day. Typically, a few hours at one of the nicer spots in this mega-city could cost you 15,000 naira – try ordering a mojito and a plate of pasta in one of the restaurants at Ikoyi – while a getaway weekend with your significant other could cost you no less than 50,000 naira, especially if you are trying to impress.

However, we bring you good news. The preceding paragraph would probably scare you if you are not an entertainer or a tech bro – anywhere you see web developers and UI/UX designers, bill them – but the truth is that you don’t always have to break the bank for a great weekend. With just 2,000 naira you can have a great weekend in Lagos, and this isn’t for a toy gun and balaclava. Plus, this money doesn’t include your transportation (come on, how could it?).

Ready to learn some magic? Come with us!

  1. Visit Freedom Park

freedom park weekend

Freedom Park, one of the most symbolic venues in Lagos’ art and culture scene, is open to everyone who can afford the gate fee, which is less than 500 naira. Located in the heart of Lagos Island, the park contains a small museum, an amphitheatre, and an art gallery. You can organise a small picnic with your friends here with drinks and snacks from your house), or take a walk around the arena. I advise you to get a drink while walking, as most of the items in this venue are quite affordable.

The best part is, there is a chance you will go home with 500 naira left as change.

  1. Go Window Shopping

shopping weekend

If sapa is playing you with a 4-5-1  formation and you can’t afford to go on an actual shopping spree at The Palms, you can go window shopping at ShopRite or Ikeja City Mall! Interestingly, you can do this with friends, take pictures, and enjoy a goofy weekend together! If you can’t feed your stomach with your 2k, at least you can feed your eyes for free.

Just so you don’t have the stewards at the mall looking at you with condescension, you can grab a doughnut and also get a small bowl of ice cream (that is not Coldstone Creamery) at one of the restaurants located in the mall.

  1. Go To The Beach

beach weekend

Visiting a beach has never been quite expensive, in fact with horse riding, pictures, and a nice picnic, a beach outing could cost as low as 10k. But with 2,000 you can pay your gate fee and STILL enjoy a great view of the ocean. This could be an opportunity to discover your true self while staring at that vast body of water. If you are an artist, this is a great opportunity to get over that creative block. Just resist the urge to buy anything there, and you’re good to go

You are welcome.

  1. Check Out The National Museum

museum weekend

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Getting into the National Museum at Onikan attracts an entry fee of less than 500 naira. At the museum, you will see artifacts, paintings, and relics from previous centuries, all of which define Nigeria’s past and present. If you are a lover of history and ancient tradition, this option is going to completely make your weekend!

You can also take selfies with the relics, but it’s important that you ask before doing so just to be sure, as some museums have a strict no-photos policy.

  1. Subscribe To Netflix And Watch Movies All Weekend

netflix weekend

One of the best ways to unwind after a stressful week is to treat yourself to a ton of movies. With Netflix’s new monthly plan of 1,200, you can binge-watch movies all weekend. You could start with something cheesy like the Nollywood rom-com Namaste Wahala, or something rib-cracking like South African miniseries How to Ruin Christmas. If you always have trouble picking a movie or series, then you can just flow with Netflix’s recommendations — which is accurate 9 times out of 10.

Please, don’t be selfish. Call up your significant other, or someone that really vibes with you, so you can see out the weekend watching Netflix together. Who knows, other things may unfold as the sun goes down and the winds get colder.

See? It’s not impossible to have an awesome weekend with 2,000 naira or even less. So ignore the size of your wallet, take a shower, step out of your apartment and don’t let sapa stop you from enjoying yourself. Just be careful to check the menus and price tags wherever you go. You don’t want to end up washing dishes at Danfo Bistro because you bought banana bread and mistook 3,000 naira for 300 naira.

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