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More Kashcoming - review - Afrocritik

“More Kashcoming” Review: Kashcoming Delivers an Incomplete Rendition on New EP

More Kashcoming proves that Kashcoming has room to improve, most especially with lyricism, delivery, and…

‘A Green Fever’ - review - Afrocritik

“A Green Fever” Review: Taiwo Egunjobi’s Historical Suspense Thriller is Incoherent and Corny, Yet Commendable

The thing with A Green Fever is that by the time the film reaches the…

Blessed - Berri Tiga - Review - Afrocritik

“Blessed” Review: Berri Tiga’s Debut is Proof of an Artiste Ready for Greatness 

Blessed is a commendable addition to Berri Tiga’s discography. With the 7-track project, he leaves…