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“Hexagon” Review: Love and Devotion Shine Through Anendlessocean’s New EP

“Hexagon” Review: Love and Devotion Shine Through Anendlessocean’s New EP

“Hexagon” Review: Love and Devotion Shine Through Anendlessocean’s New EP| Afrocritik

Hexagon is a brilliant body of work that sees Anendlessocean move beyond familiar lenses to explore the nuances of romantic relationships.

By Emmanuel Okoro

If there are two things anyone needs to quickly learn about the Nigerian Soul singer and songwriter, Ayobami Emmanuel Alli-Hakeem, popularly known as Anendlessocean,  it is that he has quite a fascination for polygons and that he approaches his music with profound soulfulness. These two concepts are beautifully juxtaposed in his latest extended project, Hexagon. It comes in the wake of his 2023 debut full-length album, Decagon, and poses as a sophomore EP to his 2021 project, Apeirogon.

For casual listeners, the recent release might come as a surprise. Anendlessocean’s previous works have heavily explored Gospel themes, establishing him as one of West Africa’s fast-rising Gospel exports. However, he has reiterated that his identity as an artiste is shaped by his beliefs and an aura that transcends conventional genres. This can be seen in the music he makes, which is deeply influenced by his personal experiences — be it his fellowship with the divine, explored in Decagon and Apeirogon, or the intricate nuances of romantic love, which is the central theme of Hexagon

“Hexagon” Review: Love and Devotion Shine Through Anendlessocean’s New EP| Afrocritik

The EP, containing five tracks with a runtime of 15 minutes, expertly navigates themes of love, devotion, and desire. His lyrical penmanship remains as sharp, if not sharper than in his previous projects, delivering a deeply thoughtful project.

The EP opens with “Love Practitioner”, a track that immediately sets the stage with heavy-hitting drums, mild shakers, and electro-synths designed to get heads nodding and feet moving on the dancefloor. This composition retains the signature sonic identity characteristic of his pop-driven songs. However, the noticeable difference is that this time, he serenades a love interest with simple yet potent songwriting coupled with his vocal delivery that makes the track wholesome. 

In lines like “Can I put you in my canvas/ You making me feel like an artist/ Oh, you make a sinner man/ You could make a sinner man go righteous”, he commits to loving and cherishing his partner. The visuals for this song perfectly mirror the lyrics, showcasing him wooing and engaging in fun activities with IBQuake, the only collaborator on his debut album.

Anendlessocean has a penchant for melding English with his native Yoruba, and it isn’t in short supply when “Be” comes next, a track characterised by digitally-looped shakers, piano chords, and log drums. The composition is a tad mild, allowing his vocals to pierce through. His lyrics succinctly encapsulate the intensity of being in love, as he calls for closeness and warmth with these lines, “Blow my steam / My chargie / Come ignite this little fire in me / And what I need from you exactly is to / Is to promise you’ll never leave”. This request for permanence underscores the emotional gravity of the song’s theme of longing and devotion.

“Hexagon” Review: Love and Devotion Shine Through Anendlessocean’s New EP| Afrocritik
Hexagon tracklist

At the heart of Hexagon is “Burn”, a mid-tempo number that sees the singer grappling with the complexities of unrequited love. Over the record, he expresses confusion and pain, questioning the actions of his supposed love interest. Lines like, “I don’t understand it / How you could do all this damage / Now why you gon start a wildfire / In my heart then leave”, vividly express his turmoil and the emotional havoc wreaked by a love that ignites such intense feelings only to be snuffed out. Despite the seemingly bleak situation, he recommitted himself as a steadfast presence in her life. This heartfelt plea for lifelong commitment marks “Burn” as a standout moment on the project for its introspective nature. 

“Sweet Home” gyrates to a start with native percussive elements with electro-guitar strings, setting hearts in a party mode. The track radiates with warmth as Anendlessocean delivers a ballad of adoration to his beloved. The production, which is mixed and mastered by SoundMind Pro, is expertly crafted in such a way that it doesn’t overshadow the vocals. In what can be colloquially classified as ‘rizz’, the singer serenades her, “Diamonds and pearls don’t shine like you/ It’s hard to meet a woman who’s anything like you/ With the way you hold it down/ You’re a force now/ I’m mad over you”. In the second verse, he openly admits his flaws but also expresses an eagerness to improve and find a balance for the sake of their union.

He maintains the persona of a lover boy on one of the lead singles and closing number, “LMLY”, short for ‘Let Me Love You.’ Infused with acoustic guitar strings, the track sees the singer crooning a passionate plea for unreserved love. Over the mid-tempo song, Anendlessocean vows to love his partner with the intensity of life itself, delivering lines like, “So, let me love you like my life depends on it / Every hour, every second that I’m awake / So, let me love you like we’re writing history”. It’s an easy-going song that brings the project full circle, encapsulating the depth of his emotions and the overarching themes of love and devotion.  

Hexagon is a brilliant body of work that sees Anendlessocean move beyond familiar lenses to explore the nuances of romantic relationships. Armed with exceptional and cohesive production, he navigates each track with ease, touching on topics that deeply affect the heart. Notably, there are no guest features on the project  —a recurring choice in his work. It should be noted that the nature of the themes explored might have benefited from collaborations for a more rounded experience, especially on a track like “Burn”. Despite this, the tracks stand out for what they are, showcasing his ability to explore matters of the heart with finesse. This project solidifies his position as a force to be reckoned with. 

Lyricism – 1.6

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Tracklisting – 1.4

Sound Engineering – 1.5

Vocalisation – 1.5

Listening Experience – 1.5

Rating – 7.5/10

Emmanuel ‘Waziri’ Okoro is a content writer and journo with an insatiable knack for music and pop culture. When he’s not writing, you will find him arguing why Arsenal FC is the best football club in the multiverse. Connect with him on X, Instagram, and Threads: @BughiLorde

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